Safari Cat Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X Safari Cat is an exclusive pet that can be obtain during the Scavenger Egg Hunt after the latest Kawaii update. This is essentially an event pet that provides a re-skinned version of the standard Cat pet. As such it appears quite alike to a normal Cat, with a small safari hat on the head. In order to obtain it, we are going to provide you with the value of the safari Cat in Pet Simulator X for Normal, Golden and Rainbow version, and we are also going to explain how you can get it in Pet Sim X.

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Safari Cat Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X Safari Cat Value

The Safari Cat is available in three different variants. The rarer these are, the more expensive the value of the pet in question. So let’s see what the Safari Cat is worth. The Normal version is priced at 250 Million Diamonds, the Gold version at 975 Million Diamonds, the Rainbow version at 2 Billion Diamonds. Be aware that prices tend to vary frequently, and with every new update, there is a possibility of significant changes in the value. The latest Kawaii update made this pet very popular.

rainbow and gold safari cat pet sim x

How to get Safari Cat in Pet Simulator X

Safari Cat can be obtained only during the Scavenger Hunt where you have to find three hidden eggs. The eggs are well hidden and scattered all over the maps. In the list below we’ll share with you how to find Safari Cat.

  • The first location is in the Axolotl world inside the cave.
  • For the second egg visit the Doodle World, it’s near the huge chest.
  • And the last hidden egg is the Cat world near the bank, but unfortunately it’s bugged at the moment.

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