Pitaxian Wine Cellar Bug Solution

The Pitaxian Wine Cellar Bug in Pathfinder Kingmaker can be extremely frustrating. For those who have encountered it, the bug only becomes obvious during combat. In this, it can be impossible to inflict damage. Luckily, there are several ways to solve it. Read on as we provide a solution for the Pitaxian wine cellar bug.

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Pitaxian Wine Cellar Bug Solution
Pitaxian Wine Cellar Bug Solution

Wine Cellar Bug Pathfinder

This side quest in Pathfinder can be irritating. It prevents you from dealing damage during the side quest into the abandoned warehouse. You may find that damage claims to have been inflicted but seldom does.

For some people, damage may inflict in certain instances but not register with other attacks. Some people have also reported the bug kicking in when the enemies hit 50% health. This makes it a very frustrating bug that seems to impact different games in different ways. There are a few ways to solve this problem.

The first solution is to switch to turn-based RTMP mode. It is important that you switch to this before the fight begins. Doing it halfway through will mean the wights remain invulnerable. Some people may find that even in the early stages of the fight they do not take damage, but this should change soon after.

Another solution for the Pitaxian Wine Cellar bug is to exit the game. Reload from an outside location then return to the fight. When you go back to the warehouse they should be taking damage as normal.

The third solution is to use the Toy Box mod. While some people may consider using a mod a cheat, it is a quick way to solve the bug and move on with the quest. You can use it to destroy all enemies at the start of the fight, regardless of health.

It is worth noting that this Pitaxian Wine Cellar bug does affect other sections of the game, and you may need to use this solution again. The Leper’s Smile is one notable quest. This also occurs in a battle against two wights.

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