How to Play Tom and Jerry Multiversus

Figuring out how to play Tom and Jerry in Multiversus is a little difficult, since they fight as a duo. Therefore, they work a bit differently than most characters. However, once you know what you’re doing with them, you’ll become quite the danger on the battlefield. With that said, here’s some advice on how Tom and Jerry work in this game.

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how to play tom and jerry multiversus
How to Play Tom and Jerry Multiversus

How to Play Tom & Jerry in Multiversus

To play as Tom and Jerry in Multiversus with any degree of success, there are two things that you need to do: keep your distance as much as possible and do not lob Jerry off the map by accident. Tom and Jerry fight as a duo, and they are a Mage character. That means they don’t do amazingly in direct hand-to-hand combat; rather, they excel at putting pressure on the opponent from further away. Let’s get into some specifics.

The majority of Tom and Jerry’s special moves “focus” on actually separating the two. Then, you can use your attack to make Jerry attack, or the duo can lob tennis balls between each other and annoy the enemies further. There’s also the dynamite, which does way more damage if you smack it towards the opponent with the racquet. So, when it comes to how to play as Tom and Jerry in Multiversus, everything revolves around ranged combat, and/or surrounding the opponents.

However, you can accidentally chuck Jerry off the edge, and then you’re solo for a few seconds. Left to his own devices, Tom can’t really do that much. Also, always keep an eye on how much ammo you have / how long your abilities will be on cooldown. Lastly, but still quite importantly, the only real armor breaker you have here is the Pounce attack, which sadly does require you to come into closer quarters. Be sure to use practice mode and study all of the different moves and how you can use them strategically.

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