How to Play Valorant Premier Stage 1

The latest update to Valorant is a big one, as it is going to bring a brand-new game mode. Called the Premier, this new competitive mode is going to launch alongside Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 2, and bring many changes to the game. So if you are wondering how to play Valorant Premier Stage 1, when does Premier release, as well as what sort of rewards you can get from playing it, we are going to cover all of these questions – and more – right here in this guide.

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How to Play Valorant Premier Stage 1
How to Play Valorant Premier Stage 1

Valorant Premier Release Date & Time

The Stage 1 of Premier is going to release this Tuesday, August 29th, 2023, as part of Valorant’s Episode 7 Act 2. It is then going to end on October 22nd, 2023. Note that Premier Stages are usually going to last as long as an Act. This means that Stage 2 is going to begin when the next Valorant Act does.

How to Play Valorant Premier

If you are uncertain about how to enroll into Valorant Premier, don’t be, as it is a very simple process. All that you need in order to play in Premier is to verify your account through SMS verification, and to have your MMR ranking established by completing ranked placements. Also, your account needs to be in good standing. This means that it cannot currently be banned. If you meet all of these pre-requisites, then you can start playing by selecting “Premier” and after that the “CREATE A TEAM” option.

The following divisions exist in Premier, from lowest, to highest: Open 1-5, Intermediate 1-5, Advanced 1-5, Elite 1-5, and Contender. As for Stage 1, it is going to be divided into three periods: Enrollment Period (August 29th until September 7th), Weekly Matches (September 7th until October 21st), and Playoff Tournament (October 22).

Valorant Premier Rewards

These are the rewards that we currently know of: A Player Card (you get it if you have played at least one match), and a Division Gun Buddy and Title if you manage to win the Playoffs. These rewards are going to be given out on October 23rd.

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