When is Pokemon Home 2.0 Release Date

Pokemon fans want to know when is the Pokemon Home 2.0 Update release date, now that Nintendo has announced it and listed some of the enticing features it’s going to offer. After all, it’s high time that those of you using the app get to use it to sort your Pokemon from the new games. So, when can you expect the update to launch? Let’s go over what we know.

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when is pokemon home 2 0 release date
When is Pokemon Home 2.0 Release Date

When is Pokemon Home 2.0 Update Release Date

At the time of writing, there is no official information on the release date of the Pokemon Home 2.0 update. There has been some speculation on the internet, but nothing reliable. We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as Nintendo confirms the date. However, considering the amount of detail that they have provided in the announcement post, I’d wager that the launch is not that far off. So, with that said, what can you expect to see when Pokemon Home update 2.0 does come out?

Well, the main draw is that it will make the app compatible with the new Pokemon releases, specifically Arceus, Shining Pearl, Brilliant Diamond, Sword and Shield. You will be able to “deposit and withdraw Pokemon to and from each of these games.” However, do keep in mind that, if you transfer a Pokemon into a game where it wasn’t originally caught when the Pokemon Home 2.0 Update Release Date rolls around, it might “cause certain changes to known moves, level, and what type of Poke Ball they were caught in.” That could obviously cause some confusion.

Another interesting addition are the Strange Balls. When you transfer Pokemon from Sword, Shield, Shining Pearl or Brilliant Diamond to Arceus, they will appear in these Strange Balls. Why? Because regular Poke Balls didn’t exist in the past. Same goes if you transfer a Pokemon from Arceus to any of the other four. For more info on what update 2.0 is bringing to the table, click the link we’ve provided above.

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