Pokemon Unite Zoroark Release Date

If you want to know when the Pokemon Unite Zoroark release date is going to be, know that you’re probably not the only one. Ever since the developers have started teasing the arrival of the Dark-type werewolf-like Pokemon, some players have been wanting to know when it will become available. Well, that’s what we’ll be answering in this guide, so let’s begin!

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pokemon unite zoroark release date
Pokemon Unite Zoroark Release Date

When is Zoroark Coming to Pokemon Unite

UPDATE: The developers have confirmed the Zoroark release date for Pokemon Unite. According to the official Twitter account, the new character will make its debut on October 17th, just as we predicted. Original text follows.

We don’t know for certain when Zoroark is coming to Pokemon Unite, but we can make some educated guesses on when the release date and time is going to be. Now, based on this tweet and the image included there, it seems like the “werewolf” will be added in an upcoming Halloween update. Going purely off of the launch pattern of new Pokemon so far, I’d say that the most likely release date of Zoroark will be Thursday, October 27th / October 28th. That should fall into the “very soon” window the tweet mentions. Besides, Zoroark is a dark-type Pokemon, so it’d stand to reason they’d launch it in time for Halloween. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

So, that’s the most likely release date for Zoroark in Pokemon Unite, but what about a potential launch time? Well, time for some more guesswork based on previous trends. Dodrio and Scizor arrived at 12 AM UTC. So, my assumption is that we can expect to see Zoroark at 12 AM UTC on October 28th. That translates to October 27th at 5 PM Pacific Time / 8 PM Eastern Time. On the other side of the pond, that’s October 28th at 1 AM GMT / 2 AM Central European / 9 AM JST. You can do your own math from here. Again, none of this has been confirmed officially; it’s entirely conjecture on my part. We’ll be sure to share any official information once it becomes available, so stay tuned.

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