PoP The Lost Crown Missing Trophies, Not Seeing Trophies PS5

If you are not seeing Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown trophies on the PS5, you are not alone. The early access period for the latest Prince of Persia game is now live for those who have pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition. However, trophy hunters are disappointed that the Trophy List for PoP The Lost Crown is currently missing on the PS5 and Epic Games Store. Is this a bug or something else? Read on as we explain all you need to know the PoP The Lost Crown Missing Trophies issue.

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PoP The Lost Crown Missing Trophies, Not Seeing Trophies PS5
PoP The Lost Crown Not Seeing Trophies PS5

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Missing Trophies, Not Seeing Trophies on PS5

If you are a big Prince of Persia fan, you’ve probably pre-ordered a copy of the Digital Deluxe Edition. Not only is the first Prince of Persia console game in over a decade, but it’s also a superb game. It successfully evolves the standard Metroidvania formula with various modern innovations while keeping everything that’s good and fun in the genre. By now, if you are playing in early access, you’ve probably experienced this personally. However, you have probably also realized that PoP The Lost Crown Trophies are missing on the PS5 and Epic Games Store.

“Not seeing trophies on PS5,” says Reddit user ConcreteSnake. “I know I unlocked at least one because I recall seeing the pop-up.” And he’s just one of many with the same problem. It seems that the missing PoP The Lost Crown Trophy List issue appears on both the PS5 and the Epic Games Store. So, what is happening here? Should you be worried that your Trophies will not register?

Luckily, we have good news! This is most likely because you are playing the game in early access. For many games, Trophies are hidden until the game officially goes live. Hence, you will be able to see the complete Trophy List on January 18th once the game becomes available for everyone. Nevertheless, any Trophy you earn during the early access period will register. And you will be able to see it on January 18th. With that said, our “PoP The Lost Crown Missing Trophies, Not Seeing Trophies PS5” guide is completed.

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