PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt Not Working Fix

If you need a PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working fix, you’ve come to the right place. This bug seems to have appeared with Patch 1.0, and it causes the “Show Dirt” button to stop working. This makes the game way harder and therefore much less enjoyable. While the devs are certainly working on a hotfix of some sort, here’s what you can do to mitigate the issue on your own.

powerwash simulator show dirt not working fix
PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt Not Working Fix

How to Fix PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt Not Working

There are several things that you can do to fix the PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working bug. The first one is to go into the setting and then into Controls. Find the input for Show Dirt (which is Tab by default) and change it to any other button. That should make the command work again; go back into the game and check. If it is working, go back into the controls and switch it back to the default settings. If that doesn’t work, time to try something else.

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The second fix for this problem is to exit the job you’re currently on and begin a new one, any which one. Check to see whether it is working. If it is, quit that job and hop back into the original one to finish your work. If that PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt not working fix doesn’t work either, then I’m afraid the only option left is to restart the game completely. Maybe even Steam itself, just to be sure.

One more thing we have to mention before we wrap up. If you get this bug after trying to resume a job, it seems like waiting for a little while can sometimes make the command work again. Like the previous ideas, it’s not guaranteed, but it’s worth a shot before doing anything that might make you accidentally lose any progress. If you have any other fixes that worked for you, let us know in the comments.

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    Tab stopped working for me on the Subway. However, it worked fine in Challenge mode. I think I might have screwed it by briefly playing my save on Linux while in the middle of a job on my Windows installation that wasn’t fully synced. I tried all the hints in this article, but it still wasn’t working. I ended up deleting my save and starting fresh, and then it started work like normal. No big deal for me, as I’ve already finished the career (twice…I like this game too much, lol) and gotten all but one of the known achievements.

    It’s surprising how replayable a game about spraying water is. But it’s actually fun to restart the career (deleting your your save data is currently the only way to do so), applying techniques/strategies you learned during the first playthrough. You also catch more details about the story. There are lots of hints early on regarding future events and and you really get a better understanding about how the different characters weave into the plot

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