Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Explained

If you need the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy pass explained, you’ve come to the right place. It is a system that allows you to extend invitations to your friends and let them play with you on your squad even if they don’t own the game. Well, they do need the trial version, and there’s a number of other details that you should know. So, let’s go over the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass system together, shall we?

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rainbow six extraction buddy pass explained
Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Explained

How to Invite Friends with Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction

To invite friends with the Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction, you first need to own the full version of the game. This grants you two Buddy Pass tokens. As for your friends, they need to download the trial version of the game from their preferred storefront. Then, they have to boot up the trial and squad up with you. Once they do, you can select up to two friends to send the tokens to through the in-game squad menu. All they need to do from there is accept your invite, and you’re good to go.

The Buddy Pass token expires after fourteen days. If you still have trial time left over after that period, you can keep playing until it runs out. If either timer depletes during a session, it will let you finish that particular session, which is nice. As for what happens then, well, more on that in the third section.

Buddy Pass and Cross Play with Friends in Rainbow Six Extraction

The Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass offers full cross play with your friends. As the official FAQ puts it: “Rainbow Six Extraction has full cross-play support, meaning you can play with all friends who have access to the game, regardless of what platform they are on.” So, no matter where you or your friends will be playing Extraction on, you’ll be able to do so together. Obviously, if you’re on PlayStation or Xbox, you’ll need a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription respectively to play online. Reminder: you can play Extraction on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

Is Buddy Pass Progression Saved for Invited Friends in Rainbow Six Extraction

Yes, progression is saved for invited friends in Rainbow Six Extraction. Everything you unlock during the Buddy Pass trial period will be waiting for you in future sessions and/or to the full game. This includes trophies and achievements. Or, as this Reddit post puts it: “If they choose to purchase the game themselves their progress will be kept as long as they continue to use the same Ubisoft Account.” So, that’s the only caveat in the whole thing – after the period is over, the other person is gonna have to get the full game eventually, and if they do, the progress they made will carry over, so long as they use the same Ubisoft Account.

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