Rapid Fire Plans WoW

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the latest expansion to the hit MMORPG. Like previous expansion packs, it has also added many new things to the game. These include new areas, characters, and, of course, quests. One of these quests is named Rapid Fire Plans. And while this little sidequest isn’t all that difficult to solve once you know what you have to do in it and where you need to go to complete it, the fact that the game doesn’t mark where you need to go can make it a bit confusing at first. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here, so without further ado – here’s everything you need to know about Rapid Fire Plans in WoW, including how to start this quest and where to find Primal Flame Fragments.

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Rapid Fire Plans WoW
WoW Rapid Fire Plans Bug Solution

How to complete Rapid Fire Plans WoW Dragonflight

This is a small sidequest that you can easily miss if you are focusing on the main story. You can get it from an NPC named Arcadia Chistlestone. This person is located in the Life Vault Ruins in The Waking Shores region. The quest objective for Rapid Fire Plans is to: “Collect Primal Flame Fragments from Primalist Forces in Hornswog Hollow.” This doesn’t sound too hard, but the game doesn’t mark the location where you have to go to defeat these foes like it usually does. Either by design or by oversight.

Luckily, the place in question is very close by, so you won’t have to go too far in order to do this. Hornswog Hollow lies south of the Life Vault Ruins where Arcadia Chistlestone is. We have marked the exact spot where you need to go in the screenshot below. Once you get there, you then need to acquire eight Primal Flame Fragments, which you can then use to make an Orb of Primal Flames. Take it back to Arcadia Chistlestone to complete this quest.

Rapid Fire Plans WoW location
Rapid Fire Plans WoW location
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