Ravendawn Tier List of Best Archetypes

Ravendawn is a classic MMORPG that focuses on building and exploring. Everything in this game is meant to evoke old-school games of this type from the late 90s and early 2000s – from the graphics, to the gameplay, and, of course, the RPG elements. There are a variety of different Archetypes and Classes to choose from in this game, from classic and self-evident ones – such as Wizardry – to those that are a bit harder to figure out, such as Witchcraft. Which means that selecting the right Archetype can be very difficult, especially if you are just starting out in the game. So to help you in choosing the optimal Archetype for you, here is the Ravendawn Tier List of the best Archetypes in the game.

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Ravendawn Tier List of Best Archetypes
Ravendawn Tier List of Best Archetypes

Ravendawn Best Archetypes Tier List

Now, before we get into the rankings, we have to quickly point out a couple of things first. To begin with, the game has only been out for a very short while now. This means that we haven’t yet had the time or chance to play as much as we would have liked with every possible character combination. Also, the game is most likely going to get more Archetypes with future updates. As such, it’s best to think of this as a perpetual work in progress, and we are going to update the list with new info when the need to do so arises. Needless to say, but if you disagree with any of these rankings and feel an Archetype should be placed higher or lower, then please feel free to tell us why that is in the comments. And now, let’s see the Ravendawn Tier List of Best Archetypes:

  • S Tier: Warfare and Protection.
  • A Tier: Wizardry, Shadow, and Holy.
  • B Tier: Archery, Spiritual, and Witchcraft.
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