Recruit Amalia Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord is an RPG in which you take on the role of Alain. Playing as him, it is your job to free the five kingdoms from the tight grip of the evil Empire. Naturally, to be able to pull this off, you’re going to need all the allies that you can get. Both as playable characters that will join you to adventure alongside you, as well as recruits. These then allow you to unlock additional units you otherwise wouldn’t have had access to. Needless to say, but these extra units can drastically impact the game, as they represent another resource that can aid you in your mission. One such unit comes courtesy of Amalia. And if you are wondering how to recruit Amalia in Unicorn Overlord, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Recruit Amalia Unicorn Overlord
Recruit Amalia Unicorn Overlord

How to Recruit Amalia in Unicorn Overlorld

The first step here is to make your way to Drakenhold. Once there, you will then have to complete several main missions. These are: “The Priestess, Abducted”, “The Kingdom of Dragons”, and “Another Prince”. You’ll actually get the chance to briefly control Amalia during the “Another Prince”, but you won’t be able to recruit her – at least not yet. No, she’s actually a part of the Baumratte Coliseum.

To unlock Amalia, you first need to advance through the Coliseum until you face her at the end. This requires that you play and win 29 matches before getting to her. She is the Grand Champion, after all. Though, as she’s Level 40 and decked out in powerful gear, and with four other Lvl 40 units besides her, this can take a lot of time and effort until you are able to beat her. In fact, you probably won’t unlock her until near the end of the game. So just be patient and take your time until you’ve got her.

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