How to Get Red Armor Naraka Bladepoint

If you are not sure how to obtain the Red Armor in Naraka Bladepoint, we’ve got you covered! The popular melee battle royale has switched to free-to-play model, bringing many new players into the mix. This means there are some things which will need to get explained to the newcomers. Read on as we explain how to solve the Falcon Statue Puzzle in Naraka Bladepoint to obtain secret treasure in Holoroth.

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How to Get Red Armor Naraka Bladepoint
How to Solve the Falcon Statue Puzzle in Naraka Bladepoint

How to Get Red Armor in Naraka Bladepoint

The Red Armor item is probably one of the rarest pieces of gear you will be able to obtain in Naraka Bladepoint. Namely, it has an extremely rare drop chances and it is only available from specific places on the map. If you want to know just how rare actually is, check out the Treasure Drop Rates:

  • Red (Extreme): 0.3%
  • Gold (Legendary): 3.8%
  • Purple (Epic): 24.7%
  • Blue (Rare): 71.2%

As you can see, it is extremely rare. The best chance to get it is by completing the Falcon Statue Puzzle at the Salvation Podium on the Holoroth map. For completing this puzzle, you will be rewarded with a Morus’ Blessing chest. However, the Red Armor is not a guaranteed drop. Namely, you might receive some other weapons as well. Nonetheless, it is your best chance to claim it. Here’s how to do it.

How to Solve the Falcon Statue Puzzle in Naraka Bladepoint

Once you reach the Salvation Podium, you will spot four Falcon Statues. Firstly, you will need to rotate the four Falcon Statues. You can do this by attacking them. The goal is for them to face a specific direction. However, to know where they need to look, you will need to go under the Salvation Podium. There is a massive spinning roller of death underneath. You will need to avoid it and check the arrows on the wall. Each arrow shows a direction which the corresponding statue needs to face. Finally, set the statues in those directions. When you finish it, a chest will appear in the middle. And inside it – the Red Armor if you’re lucky.

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