Roblox Referral Code Explained 2022

Don’t know how to refer a friend and redeem the referral code to earn some Robux? Roblox Referrals program has been a great success since it was first introduced back in 2015. However, over the recent years, developers have introduced some changes to how it works. The system is now replaced with the Roblox Affiliate Program. In this guide, we explain everything about Roblox Referral codes in 2022, and the current state of the Affiliate Program.

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Roblox Referral Code Explained 2022

Can you Redeem Roblox Referral Code in 2022?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Roblox Referrals program is no longer active. Roblox Affiliate Program is currently suspended as well. Roblox Corporation hasn’t provided any details on why it is suspended. Furthermore, we don’t know when the program will return. There are no indications that it will return at all. The reason for this is currently unknown, but our guess is that some glitch or abuse resulted in the withdrawal of the program from use.

How to Use Referral Code in Roblox

If the program ever returns to its original form, this is how you can use the Affiliate Program.

  • Head to any game, catalogue, or library item.
  • Tap on the social media share button on the item’s page.
  • This will generate a unique link for you to share.
  • You can share this link anywhere (privately or on social media).
  • When someone uses your link to create a new Roblox account, you’ll become a part of the Roblox Affiliate Program.
  • You’ll earn 5% of any purchases made by a person referred by you.

In addition, the first game visited by a referred player after they create an account will also earn 5% of their total payment. Of course, as we already mentioned the system is currently suspended and it doesn’t work. Thus, you will not be able to earn Robux in this way in 2022. If Roblox Corporation makes some changes and make the system active again, we will make sure to update the article.

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