Returnal Reconstructor Respawn Guide

The Reconstructor in Returnal is basically a respawn point, allowing you the chance to start your run from a specific point, rather than the very beginning. It is an incredibly valuable feature, so you wanna figure out how to use the Reconstructor as soon as possible. The system is pretty straightforward, once you manage to find the dang thing. In our Returnal Reconstructor Respawn guide, we’ll show you how the Reconstructor works, and where yo can find it.

returnal reconstructor respawn guide
Returnal Reconstructor Respawn Guide

How the Returnal Reconstructor Works

The Reconstructor in Returnal works as a respawn point, as we’ve said. Once you find a Reconstructor, you have to pay it 6 Ether (the little purple rocks around the level; you don’t lose them when you die), after which your character will climb into the machine, and then come out as if nothing’s changed. What has actually happened was that you’ve basically made yourself a checkpoint. I don’t need to tell you how valuable this can be in Returnal.

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When you die after using the Reconstructor, you’ll respawn back at the machine, rather than the usual starting point. Plus, there’s usually a teleporter right next to it, allowing you to get straight back to where you were. You respawn with full health and keep the majority of your stuff, losing only malfunctions and parasites. However, you can only do this once. If you die again after respawning at a Reconstructor, that run ends and you’re back to square one. In other words, you can only use the Reconstructor once per run per zone.

Where to Find Reconstructor in Returnal

To find a Returnal Reconstructor respawn point, you have to look in the side rooms in any given biome. As you might have surmised already, every biome is basically a straight line, but you can (and should) look through the side areas for pickups. In case you haven’t figured it out, rectangular doors are the main path, and triangular doors lead off to the side. So, while exploring, look behind the triangular doors until you eventually find a Reconstructor. The catch is that, of course, it’s never in the same place from run to run. That’s the nature of roguelike games, after all. Good luck.

where to find reconstructor in returnal
Reconstructors appear behind triangular doors
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