Reverse 1999 Best Eternity Build

Eternity is one of the most popular characters in Reverse: 1999, and with good reason. This is because she is a 6-Star character that you can get on the Beginner Banner. With huge DPS capabilities, she can make short work of most enemies. Of course, if you want to get the most out of her, you will need the Best Eternity Build in Reverse 1999. We’re here to provide you with precisely that, including the best Psychube for Eternity, the best team, and her Incantations.

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Reverse 1999 Best Eternity Build
Reverse 1999 Best Eternity Build

Best Psychube for Eternity Reverse 1999

As you can see in our Reverse 1999 Psychube Tier List, the best Psychube for Eternity is 6-star Hopscotch, followed by 5-star Yearning Desire. Both of these greatly enhance her already-powerful DPS capabilities and they make the best possible Psychube choices for her. Apart from these two, other notable Psychubes that you can get for Eternity include: Brave New World and His Bounden Duty.

Reverse 1999 Best Eternity Team

The best team for Eternity consists of the following characters: An-An Lee, Druvis III, and Ms. NewBabel. All three are powerful 6-Star characters. They are support units, and all of them can work in tandem to enhance Eternity and keep her in the fight for as long as possible. The strategy here is to have Druvis III as a healer, Ms. NewBabel as the shield, and An-An Lee the support.

Eternity Incantations

Since Eternity consumes her HP to power her attacks, having a healer on the team is indispensable. Her Incantations include Vigor Handbag, Vintage Handfan, and her Ultimate is Anecdotes in Exeter. Let’s start with Vigor Handbag. This single-target attack deals 200% Reality DMG at the cost of 10% of Eternity’s current HP. In addition, it also inflicts a Nasty Wound effect (which limits healing) on the attack’s target. Very useful against boss enemies that love to heal.

Next, Vintage Handfan. This AoE attack targets two enemies for 160% Reality DMG. It also causes Eternity to suffer 10% HP damage. And finally, her Anecdotes in Exeter Ultimate. This Massive Attack deals a whopping 300% Reality DMG, and it also has a 50% Life Leach effect that restores Eternity’s HP.

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