Romance Kingdom Cookie Run Kingdom April Fools 2023

In our Romance Kingdom Cookie Run Kingdom April Fools 2023 guide, we are going to talk about the Blossoming Hearts April Fools event. This year, the developers have created a dating sim, which is totally out of the blue, and I love the concept. I can already see the fandom calling it Cookie Run Literature Club or something. Here’s hoping this game doesn’t take that fun little halfway turn. Anyways, here are the details of the event.

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romance kingdom cookie run kingdom april fools 2023
Romance Kingdom Cookie Run Kingdom April Fools 2023

Romance Kingdom Cookie Run Kingdom April Fools 2023

The 2023 April Fools Cookie Run Kingdom event, Romance Kingdom, will begin on March 30th. We don’t know exactly when it will end, but we assume around mid-April (most likely the 14th). The event itself is a typical dating sim, which is hilarious to me. You have five characters to meet (and presumably seduce), all of which are dating sim stereotypes. There’s Rachel Raspberry (the popular girl), Herbert Hoo (the best friend), Marcus Madeleine (the popular boy), Derek DaChoco (the brooding tsundere) and Serena Faire (the willowy, dreamy girl). The trailer also mentions a sixth mystery character that we know nothing about at time of writing. And, naturally, there’s the Blossoming Hearts pack in the in-game store that will set you back five bucks, and more.

UPDATE: it seems that the sixth character is White Lily. You unlock her by getting every good ending with every character. It’s gonna be a bit of a hassle, but nothing too difficult. Good luck!

CRK April Fools 2023 All Cookie Transformations

We don’t know for certain whether the 2023 Cookie Run Kingdom April Fools Event, aka Romance Kingdom, is actually going to feature transformations. However, just in case there are, it bears mentioning that each of the five characters (and presumably the mysterious sixth) correspond to different Cookies you can play as. If you take a close look at their anime avatars and their names, you can probably guess which cookies are represented in Blossoming Hearts. If not, well, take a look at the screenshots. We’ll tell you which character is which cookie in the captions. Of course, we’ll update the guides with details on the sixth character (and any other possible hidden transformations) as we uncover them.

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