Sacred Site Age of Empires 4 - How to Capture Sacred Sites

How to capture sacred sites in Age of Empires 4 is essential knowledge if you want to get ahead of your enemies, as the sacred site gives you access to lots of benefits. One of these is the ability to produce gold quickly and easily. They can also help produce villagers at an increased speed. However, taking hold of them requires the use of specific religious units. We discuss how to capture sacred sites.

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Sacred Site Age of Empires 4 - How to Capture Sacred Sites
Sacred Site Age of Empires 4 – How to Capture Sacred Sites

Sacred sites are quite distinctive in the game. They are a small podium on which sits a flag. Steps lead up to them. A sacred site will often have the name of the sacred site above the building.

They are important, as they can allow you to win a game without even capturing enemy strongholds. In addition, each one provides a steady stream of gold. This makes them important structures.

How to Capture Sacred Site Age of Empires 4

Capturing sacred sites requires the use of a religious unit. This is a priest or a monk. For most civilizations, you have to reach the third age before this becomes possible.

Some civilizations, such as the Holy Roman Empire, will have religious units at the start of the game. This civ has the Prelate unit, and this can be used to capture sacred sites. If not, then you need to make a monastery to produce religious units.

You can do this by clicking on the villager logo and choosing the building from the Age III column. Create your monastery, and you can then use it to produce monks. These units should only get deployed to take over the sacred site when the time is right. They have very little offensive capabilities, so can’t barge in and take over.

Instead, you will need to clear the way with normal troops. Make sure that the sacred site has no defensive units stationed there. You can then send the monk in to take over.

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