Secret in the Box FFXIV

Secret in the Box is a side quest in FFXIV. Based in Old Shiralayan, it gets you to explore the brand-new town in Endwalker. While it is a simple quest to complete, it is tricky to understand. You must visit three NPCs and give specific commands to each. We give our guide to the FFXIV Secret in the Box quest below.

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Secret in the Box FFXIV
Secret in the Box FFXIV

The FFXIV Secret in the Box quest is a side quest in Old Shiralayan, so you don’t have to take it if you don’t wish. It does reward you with 735 Gil and XP. In addition, you will get a Chondrite Ring. This is a level 545 item so quite high. The quest also takes little effort and is quite quick, so it is worth picking up.

To access the quest, you need to have completed the main story quest titled Outside Help. This is a level 88 quest. You will also need Disciple of War/Magic at level 80.

The quest can be found at x:10.6, y:11.1. in the stadium. Speak to the Mysterious Maiden. She will give you the quest and you need to set off to interact with three NPCs.

How to Complete FFXIV Secret in the Box Quest

The first step is to visit the Sleepy Student. They will be waiting at x:7.9, y:13.8. Once you find them, you need to doze. You can do this by clicking on them and typing in /doze.

After this, you need to find a squirrel named Nutkin. He resides at x: 9, y: 7.3. Go up to them, click on them and type in /say golden acorn.

Your final stop is Izumi. Find them at x: 11.5, y: 8.5. You actually don’t need to select any specific dialogue at all here. This will solve the quest. Head back to the stadium and speak with the NPC to claim the rewards.

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    Saying golden acorn with capital letters doesn’t trigger the second point, it needs to be lower case

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      It didnt work for me when I wrote /say golden acron for the second one. What could be done wrong?

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        you have to be targeting the npc when you enter the /s text

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