How to Self Heal in Rainbow Six Extraction

You’ll have to know how to self-heal in Rainbow Six Extraction if you’re gonna come out from any of these missions alive. While the game does provide some info on how healing works, it’s still a little confusing if you don’t pay attention. Plus, since difficulty is the name of the game here, you can’t heal whenever to please. It’s all a bit of a nightmare, so let’s explain how the system works.

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how to self heal in rainbow six extraction
How to Self Heal in Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Self Heal in Rainbow Six Extraction

To heal yourself in Rainbow Six Extraction, or self-heal, if you prefer, you have to find a medkit and complete the button prompt. For example, on PC, you need to hold F to heal yourself. The catch is that you apparently can’t actually pick the thing up and carry it with you. Instead, you need to go back to where the medkit was and interact with it. Needless to say, this is not exactly ideal, so you really have to be careful and strategic when you use them.

The only exception here is the Doc. He has a special ability called “Health Shots.” It’s basically a stim pistol that he can fire either into himself or other operators to restore 15 health or revive as necessary. Press Equip (middle mouse button) to bring the pistol up, then press the same button to self-heal in Rainbow Six Extraction if you’re playing as the doctor. If you want to heal a friend, fire the STim Pistol at them. The gun has only three charges, so do keep that in mind. Don’t use it willy-nilly.

rainbow six extraction how to self heal
The Doc has a special healing ability

Speaking of things to keep in mind, one more important note: you cannot technically restore your health, rather, you can only boost it. Be it with medkits or the Stim pistol or something else, the effects are temporary and decrease over time. Upon extraction, you’ll lose any temporary health boosts you might have gotten during an incursion.

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