Shamrock Shenanigans Monopoly Go Rewards & Milestones

Shamrock Shenanigans is the latest Monopoly Go event. Just like previous events of this type, completing it can get you all sorts of fantastic rewards. Each time you hit a new level milestone, you will also unlock a new reward from it as well. To let you know exactly how many points you need to reach each level, we have put together this comprehensive list of all the Shamrock Shenanigans Monopoly Go Rewards and Milestones.

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Shamrock Shenanigans Monopoly Go Rewards & Milestones
Shamrock Shenanigans Monopoly Go Rewards & Milestones

All Monopoly Go Shamrock Shenanigans Rewards and Milestones List

In total, there are 41 levels here in the Shamrock Shenanigans event. To unlock everything, you are going to need to earn 71,970 Points. The following rewards are available: x5,975 Free Dice Rolls, x14 Cash Rewards, 30 Min of High Roller, 15 Min of Rent Frenzy, 10 Min of Cash Grab, 5 Min of Cash Boost, x3 One Star Green Sticker Packs, x1 Two Star Orange Pack, x1 Three Star Pink Sticker Pack, x2 Four Star Blue Sticker Packs, and x3 Five Star Purple Sticker Packs.

LevelPoints RequiredShamrock Shenanigans Rewards
130One Star Green Sticker Pack
240x25 Free Dice Rolls
345Cash Prize
4175x100 Free Dice Rolls
55020 Min Cash Grab
655One Star Green Sticker Pack
765Cash Prize
8400x230 Free Dice Rolls
970Cash Prize
1090One Star Green Sticker Pack
11100Cash Prize
12800x400 Free Dice Rolls
1312515 Min Rent Frenzy
14150Two Star Orange Sticker Pack
15175Cash Prize
161200x550 Free Dice Rolls
17175Cash Prize
18180Three Star Pink Sticker Pack
19200Cash Prize
202000x850 Free Dice Rolls
21220Cash Prize
2237510 Min High Roller
23300x120 Free Dice Rolls
241500Cash Prize
25400x150 Free Dice Rolls
26650Four Star Blue Sticker Pack
27800Five Min Cash Boost
284000x1500 Free Dice Rolls
291000Cash Prize
301500Four Star Blue Sticker Pack
311700Cash Prize
328000x2850 Free Dice Rolls
33200020 Min High Roller
342200Cash Prize
352400Five Star Purple Sticker Pack
362800x800 Free Dice Rolls
377000Cash Prize
383000x900 Free Dice Rolls
394000Five Star Purple Sticker Pack
405000Cash Prize
4117.000x7500 Free Dice Rolls and Five Star Purple Sticker Pack

How to Earn Points in Monopoly Go Shamrock Shenanigans?

To earn points in this event, you will need to aim for certain tiles. These are: Community Chest, Railroad, and Chance. It’s best to try and land on these while you have a high dice multiplier. And to help you out with this, we recommend that you check out our Free Monopoly GO Dice Links for the latest available Free Dice Links.

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