Sims 4 Infant Changing Table Missing Explained

In our Sims 4 Infant Changing Table Missing Explained guide, we are going to tell you why the changing table has suddenly disappeared from the base game after the Growing Together pack came out. You are not going to like it, because it’s just EA being EA again. They want you to pay out the nose to get things you had by default before.

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sims 4 infant changing table missing explained
Sims 4 Infant Changing Table Missing Explained

Sims 4 Infants Update Changing Table Missing Explained

If the infant changing table is missing after the Sims 4 Infants update, that’s because you “only” own the base version of the game. Or perhaps you do own any number of previously released packs, but you haven’t purchased the new Growing Together update. Yes, EA and Maxis have actually removed an item that you normally got in the base game and placed it behind a paywall. I mean, I know that the fan base is used to EA’s disgusting, money-grubbing ways and tactics. I also know that the modding community is going to take care of this in a matter of days, tops. It’s just that… I know Maxis is a creative and decent company and I hate that they’re beholden to EA’s bull.

Anyway, yeah, that’s why the changing table is missing from your base game after the Sims 4 infant update dropped. That is not even the only thing that the Growing Together pack has messed up. According to Reddit user InsectHuman8453, it also affects items like the playmat, infant skills like crawling and standing. It bars you from throwing baby showers while you have to throw dirty diapers on the floor, and the interactions between parents and infants are completely broken. In other worlds, without paying for the new content, new kids in Sims 4 go through a stage that’s basically a toddler but worse. I would never ever outright tell you to just pirate Growing Together because EA made the base game you paid for worse retroactively. However, I certainly won’t tell on you, either.

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