Six of the Best SBC FIFA 22

Six of the best is the second part of the Hybrid Nations SBC in FIFA 22. Completing it will get you a gold players pack and contribute to the Hybrid Nations challenge. The task is about balance, as it asks you to build a functioning squad from across the world. The aim is to spend as little as possible while doing it. Read on as we tell you how to complete six of the best in SBC FIFA 22.

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Six of the Best SBC FIFA 22
Six of the Best SBC FIFA 22

How to Complete Six of the Best SBC in FIFA 22

Upon completion of the task, you will have a squad from many different places and leagues. Finding a good team with a range of players can become expensive. Thus, you need to spend some time hunting out great, affordable players.

  • The team must consist of players from at least six countries
  • A maximum of three players from one country are allowed
  • Only three players at the most from any one club can be on the squad
  • The team overall rating must be at least seventy-five
  • Chemistry for the team must be at least eighty-five.

There are many solutions for this, so instead of providing a concrete method, it makes more sense for us to provide you with a series of tips. The defining factor will be the price of the players. After this, you need to concentrate on building green links. Remember that you don’t want to blow your budget on completing the challenge, but you also want a team that will work together and has the right chemistry. When finding players from a similar club, go for an average league that you can pick half-decent, affordable players from.

One of the reasons you should shop around and not follow advice on popular forums is because the prices of players fluctuate. This can happen when many people try to use the same solutions. Thus, you may find certain bronze players suggested by websites go up in price when many people buy them. Instead, use them as a guideline and find similar players with comparative stats and prices.

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