Snow Day Challenge Clash of Clans

There is a brand-new challenge in Clash of Clans. Called the Snow Day Challenge, this requires that you, in the words of the game itself: “Earn great rewards by scoring three stars against the Snow Day Challenge Base!” You need to accomplish this in under three minutes. Doing this will probably take you a few tries, but don’t worry – you have several days until this challenge ends to accomplish this. In our Snow Day Challenge Clash of Clans guide, we will provide you with a couple of tactics that should help you do this.

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Snow Day Challenge Clash of Clans

How to Beat Snow Day Challenge in COC

Many players have had a rough time getting three stars in this challenge. And considering how hard it can be to get to 100% Overall Damage (which gets you those three stars), it’s no wonder why. The best strategy here is to use a simple spam attack. Start by dropping in some Barbarians to the south. They will trigger the Freeze traps. Drop in the Hog Riders and direct them towards the Inferno Tower. Next, commence the attack to the north. Deploy many smaller units, together with a Royal Champion. You need to pay close attention to the Royal Champion. Having her survive this initial assault is the key to victory.

In fact, the Royal Champion, Archer Queen, and Barbarian King should be dropped a bit late, so that you can use them to their maximum advantage. Take care when using your spells, and you should do fine. So, that’s basically it, concentrate on keeping these specific units alive for as long as you can, and you should come out on top eventually. Again, this strategy may require that you try it for a couple of times until you get three stars, but it’s something that’s definitely doable, given enough time and patience.

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