Sound Fruit Blox Fruits

The Sound Fruit is a Legendary Natural-type Blox Fruit that is released in Blox Fruits Update 20. The Sound’s abilities are based on sound and music, and it has a unique Tempo system. In this guide about Sound Fruit, we’ll show you his abilities and moveset.

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blox fruit sound fruit
Blox Fruits Sound Fruit

Sound Fruit Blox Fruits Abilities

As we already stated Sound Fruit comes with a new Tempo system. The user can charge their Tempo by holding down F key, which fills up the Tempo Meter. Once the meter reaches its maximum capacity, a protective shield is activated, reducing incoming damage by 20% for the user and nearby allies. Upon reaching maximum Tempo, both speed and defense receive a significant boost. All moves executed during the golden mode, triggered by a full Tempo Meter turn gold.

Blox Fruits Sound Fruit Movesets

  • Rhapsody Notes: 1 Mastery, Z Key
    The user fires three musical notes as projectiles, causing damage and creating a minor explosion upon impact.
  • Fortissimo: 50 Mastery, X key
    The user creates an area-of-effect (AoE) note attack in the form of a cone, inflicting damage to multiple targets within its range.
  • Symphonic Radiance: 100 Mastery, C key
    The user conjures a disco ball that releases beam projectiles in every direction before ultimately detonating towards the nearest enemy.
  • Glorius Harmony: 250 mastery, V key
    The user launches five projectiles that merge to produce a colossal sound explosion. This ability can be sustained by holding it.
  • Tempo Prestissimo: 175 Mastery, F key
    Flight move, regenerates Tempo Meter.

The Sound Fruit is a recent addition to Blox Fruits, and its complete capabilities are still in the process of being fully understood. Nevertheless, its distinctive mechanics and adaptable abilities present it as a promising asset to the game.

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