Stab Gene High on Life

If you’re wondering whether you should stab Gene in High on Life, then you’re one cautious player. Considering the kind of game we’re talking about here, I’m surprised there are people even questioning the decision. So, are you agonizing over whether you should stab Gene or not? We’re here to answer that question and show you how to get the “Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds You” achievement.

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stab gene high on life
Stab Gene High on Life

Stab Gene or Not High on Life

Long story short: it’s totally find to stab Gene with Knifey in High on Life. This is a Rick and Morty game, as everyone has already pointed out. Consequences are not exactly the priority, if you catch my drift. It’s not trying to be some thought-provoking RPG. And besides, Knifey is a bloodthirsty psycho; you don’t want to make him angry, do you? So, what happens if you do decide to stab Gene? Well, for one, you get the achievement called “Don’t Knife The Hand That Feeds You.” Then, in no time at all, Gene will pop back to life, quipping about how he “has had worse happen to him” or something to that effect. And that’s all there is to it.

So, yeah; if you’re wondering: “Should I stab Gene in High on Life?” the answer is “go right ahead.” If you refuse to acquiesce to Knifey’s demands, then nothing happens, as far as we know. You just don’t get the achievement and the knowledge that the insane knife actually can’t harm its previous owner. Now, if you’re looking ahead, you might be wondering how to get Knifey in the first place. He’s basically a reward for completing your first bounty, where you hunt down 9-Torg. All of that said, I don’t know whether you should go around stabbing willy-nilly like Knifey wants you to. Gene might be able to take the punishment, but I don’t know about other characters.

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