How to start Help the Forgotten Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Wondering how to start the Help the Forgotten questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure Update? Two months since the previous update the mega-popular sim game has just received another major content drop. And while the biggest stars of the update are Belle and the Beast, there are some even spookier themes. Read on as we explain all you know about unlocking the Forgotten Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to start Help the Forgotten Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to start Help the Forgotten Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

UPDTATE 2 (September 20th, 2023):The Forgotten Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is now live for those players who have completed the Belle and the Beast questline. In order to start the quest, visit the Dark Castle!

UPDATE: One of the developers of the game, who goes by the name Juliet on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s official Discord server, has officially confirmed that The Forgotten Questline will begin on September 20, 2023. However, that’s the earliest date possible. Namely, the quest will always kick off one week after you finish the main story of the Enchanted Adventure update. For example, if you finish the story on September 15th, the quest will start on September 22nd.

ORIGINAL STORY: While the Enchanted Adventure Update is mostly focused on the new realm of Belle and the Beast, it actually comes packed with content for the upcoming months and weeks. For example, the Haunted Holiday Star Path is themed around the Halloween season. We’re saying this because we think that the “Help The Forgotten” quest will not become available on the first day of the new update. Rather, it will unlock in a couple of days or weeks. Here’s what the official blog post says: “Help The Forgotten settle into the Valley over the course of the update with a series of quests.”

Based on this, we estimate that this quest will become available at some point later this month. For now, the focus is on the Belle and the Beast quest line. So there you have it. That’s all we currently know. Nevertheless, we will make sure to update the article immediately upon learning more.

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