State of Decay 2 Doomsday Pack - How to Get Ultimate Edition Items

State of Decay 2 Doomsday Pack is one of the add-ons you get when you buy the ultimate edition. It contains several weapons, a vehicle and some supplies. It’s not much, but the weapons are cool and will give you an advantage. Some players are having trouble getting the items in the game, which is why we’ve written this State of Decay 2 Doomsday Pack guide, to show you how to get ultimate edition bonus items.

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state of decay 2 doomsday pack
State of Decay 2 Doomsday Pack – How to Get Ultimate Edition Items

Where to find Ultimate Edition bonus items?

First of all, you’ll have to make sure you have installed the Doomsday Pack. The game should automatically download all available add-ons, but for some reason it doesn’t always do this. In order to check, select the game’s icon. Press the start button, and choose the option to manage the game. This will show you a list of all the DLC you have. It will also show whether it’s installed or not. You can manually download it from here if it isn’t.

After you’ve downloaded the DLC, you’ll have to find the items in the game. It may not be intuitive, but it’s pretty easy – all you have to do is use your radio to call them in. No secret stashes, no visiting particular places or talking to other characters – just make the call and you’ll get your stuff.

In this case, your stuff includes weapons like the aluminum baseball bat with bolts attached, the WW2-era Chinese sword, a shotgun, a submachine gun and an assault rifle. There’s also the Impaler, a sedan with the Skull Eagle paint job, to help you get around. Finally, there’s some supplies – molotov’s cocktails, first aid kits, pipe bombs, backpacks and improvised suppressors. As we’ve said, it’s not much, but it’s a head start if you get it early enough.

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