Storm Dominus Value Pet Simulator X

The Storm Dominus is one of the latest pets in Pet Sim X. With a lightning bolt and electricity-inspired design, it looks absolutely fantastic. As such, you will no doubt want to get it in your PSX pet menagerie as soon as possible. And to do this, you will first need to know what is the value of the Storm Dominus pet in Pet Simulator X, as well as how to get it. We’re going to answer both of these questions right here.

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Storm Dominus Value Pet Simulator X
Storm Dominus Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Sim X Storm Dominus Value

The Storm Dominus comes in several variants in Pet Sim X. These are – the Normal, Golden, Rainbow, and Dark Matter variants. Each one of these is progressively rarer, and, as such – more expensive. Let’s see what each one of these is worth. The Normal Storm Dominus is valued at 1 Billion Diamonds. The Golden at 3 Billion Diamonds, the Rainbow at 12 Billion Diamonds, and, finally, the Dark Matter Storm Dominus at 40 Billion Diamonds. Though, we need to point out that these prices are in constant flux and that they are likely to be different tomorrow – or in a few days – then what were worth today.

How to Get Storm Dominus Pet Simulator X

There are two ways to get the Storm Dominus pet in Pet Sim X. The first of these involves trading for it. But, as you can see, it is very expensive. The other method requires that you hatch it. Storm Dominus is one of the pets that you can get from the Exclusive Pets Egg. One such Egg costs 400 Robux, you can get three of them for 1,200 Robux, and ten for 3,200 Robux. You can get the following pets from it: Storm Dominus (50% chance), Empyrean Dominus (35% chance), Inferno Dominus (13% chance), Huge Storm Dominus (1.25% chance), Huge Inferno Dominus (0.7% chance), and Titanic Dominus Astra (0.05% chance).

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