Summoners War Chronicles Tier List

Summoners War Chronicles is the latest game in the Summoners War universe. In this open-world RPG, you take on the role of a Summoner, and you use the monsters that you have summoned to aid you in battle. Since there are many monsters to summon, it’s important to know which ones are the best, and which monsters are the least useful. To help you pick the most powerful ones, we are going to rank all of them in our Summoners War Chronicles Tier List.

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Summoners War Chronicles Tier List
Summoners War Chronicles Tier List

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List of Best Characters

This list is going to be divided into several tiers, starting from S (the strongest), all the way down to D (the weakest). Please note that this is our subjective list and that you may personally want to rate certain monsters higher or lower than we did. That’s perfectly acceptable – after all, it’s enjoying the game that’s the most important. And with that said, let’s get into the list itself:

  • S Tier: Verdehile, Fran, Camilla, Mav, Gelleon, Sabrina, Loren, Sigmarus, Verad, Lushen, Teshar, Chasun, Lapis, Colleen, Bernard, Lyn, Theomars, Baretta, Herteit, Belladeon, Megan, Zaiross, Skogul, and Talia.
  • A Tier: Wind Homunculus, Cadiz, Perna, Alicia, Anavel, Dark Homunculus, Maruna, Frigate, Sylvia, Eladriel, Akhamamir, Gemini, Pungbaek, Charlotte, Aria, Water Homunculus, Jeanne, Veromos, Halphas, Tesarion, Martina, Mellia, Brandia, Kro, Velajuel, Rica, Taor, Delphoi, Hwa, Mikene, Lydia, Shannon, Izaria, and Woosa.
  • B Tier: Xiao-lin, Deva, Woonsa, Yen, Xiong Fei, Zibrolta, Raki, Yeonhong, Olivia, Poseidon, Ariel, Rahul, Shaina, Orion, Ophilia, Orochi, Zerath, Ragdoll, Qebehsenuef, Ran, Praha, Zenobia, Pang, Artamiel, Onyx, Qitian Dasheng, Phenaka, Elsharion, Platy, Fermion, Zeratu, Selena, Rakan, Xing-zhe, Zinc, and Xiana.
  • C Tier: Melissa, Spectra, Louis, Lumirecia, Grego, Lucifer, Mephisto, Lucas, Guillaume, Han, Lora, Susano, Isael, Bailey, Soha, Fire Homunculus, Liu Mei, Illianna, Luna, Hrungnir, Lisa, Hyanes, Katarina, Herne, Michelle, Grogen, Logan, Hwahee, Icares, Belita, and Hathor.
  • D Tier: Bael, Bolverk, Sophia, Ahman, Shimitae, Tanya, Diana, Sekhmet, Nisha, Son Zang Lao, Aegir, Tanzaite, Tarq, Sige, Barque, Randy, Seara, Shan, Mi Ying, Misty, Mo Long, Akia, Scarlett, Acasis, Baleygr, Odin, Shihwa, Sonnet, Tablo, Savannah, and Natalie.
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    you have perna and a few other in there, that are not in game yet (in the western version?)
    does it mean they added that during the last year and they will probably be released here too?

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