Summoners War Lost Centuria Player ID

The Summoners War Lost Centuria Player ID is a number that you can use in order to forge alliances with other players in the game. This can be very useful for a plethora of reasons, such as sharing monster cards, earning extra rewards, and more. Of course, the main question that a lot of people have been posing is where to find the Player ID number. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in this guide.

summoners war lost centuria player id
Summoners War Lost Centuria Player ID

Where to Find Player ID in Summoners War: Lost Centuria

To find your Player ID in Summoners War Lost Centuria, you need to start from the game’s home screen. In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see the little button that has three lines on it. Tap that button, and then hit the “Settings” option. In that new menu, look for the long number marked as, obviously, PlayerID. That number is the Player ID. I’d recommend writing it down somewhere, or pasting it somewhere handy, so that you can send it to people more easily, instead of looking it up every time.

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Why is all of this necessary? Well, forging alliances with other players can be very important. So, making sure to send invites to players that you note for being really good is definitely going to behoove you. That’s where the whole Summoners War Lost Centuria Player ID thing comes into play.

Summoners War Lost Centuria is a real-time strategy RPG in which you collect and upgrade cards featuring iconic monsters from the Summoners War universe. You can equip your monsters with Runes and Skill Stones and, of course, partner up with other players into Alliances. That way, you can share monster cards, earn additional rewards, and more. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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