Take a Photo with Mirabel Disney Dreamlight Valley

Not sure how to take a photo with Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley April 2023 update? We’ve got you covered! The Pride of the Valley update has arrived, bringing The Lion King Realm with it, alongside Simba, Nala, new quests, recipes, and much more. Of course, there’s a shiny new Star Path to grind as well. Read on as we explain how to complete this confusing duty.

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Take a Photo with Mirabel Disney Dreamlight Valley
Take a Picture with Mirabel Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Take a Photo with Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

On paper, this Star Path duty sounds easy enough. Simply find Mirabel and grab a photo with her; what’s so hard? However, this seemingly easy task has many players confused, as they are not actually sure how exactly to do this. Worry not; we’re here to explain! “I’m doing the star path, and one of the quests says take a picture with Mirabel,” says Reddit user Mysterious_Initial75. “But when I take the picture, it doesn’t clear the quest. Am I the only person having this problem?”

Apparently, many are having this issue. They take a picture with Mirabel, but it doesn’t count for the quest. So, what’s the problem here? Is it a bug, or are you doing something wrong? Well, we are not sure if it’s a bug, but we are sure that you are doing something wrong! Apparently, what you need to do is to ask Mirabel to hang out with you so that she’s outside. Once you and Mirabel are outside, then you should take a photo with her. The quest will progress only if you take the picture outside. It will not work indoors, not in her place, nor any other. And that’s it. That’s all you need to know about the “Take a Photo with Mirabel” quest. It needs to be done outside.

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