Tales of Tanorio Best Starter, Rabush, Charcile or Chewaqua

Tales of Tanorio is a Roblox title that takes a lot of inspiration from the Pokemon franchise. That means that the gameplay revolves around catching different sorts of monsters, which you can then use to battle your opponents. And, since it follows the Pokemon formula so closely, you will start the game with the usual important choice of which Tanorian to select as your starter. There are three possible selections here – Rabush, Charcile, and Chewaqua. But which Tales of Tanorio starter is the best, Rabush, Charcile, or Chewaqua? In this guide, we are going to take a look at all three to decide which one of them is the best pick.

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Tales of Tanorio Best Starter, Rabush, Charcile or Chewaqua
Tales of Tanorio Best Starter, Rabush, Charcile or Chewaqua

What is the Best Starter in Tales of Tanorio – Rabush, Charcile or Chewaqua?

First, let’s see how all of these compare by taking a look at their stats, starting with Rabush. A Grass-type, it has 50 Health, 40 Attack, 45 Defense, 60 Ranged Attack, 45 Ranged Defense, and 70 Speed. As you can see, Rabush is very fast, and in time, it will evolve into Lunare. Next up, Charcile. It is a Fire-type, with the following stats: 55 Health, 65 Attack, 40 Defense, 45 Ranged Attack, 40 Ranged Defense, and 65 Speed. Very offensive-oriented, Charcile prefers to finish fights quickly. And lastly, Chewaqua. This is a Water-type, and it has 60 Health, 60 Attack, 55 Defense, 40 Ranged Attack, 45 Ranged Defense, and 50 Speed. What Charcile is for offense, Chewaqua is for defense.

So, which one of these three is the best one? Well, note that this all depends on your playstyle preferences. Though, if it were up to us, we think that Charcile is by far the best starter in Tales of Tanorio. Besides its great offensive stats, being a Fire-type, it has an advantage over most of the early Tanorians that you’ll face. And later on, you’ll be able to get all three of these anyhow, so the choice here isn’t a life-or-death one in terms of how important it is.

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