How to Tame Andrewsarchus Ark Fjordur

If you want to know how to tame Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to bend these beasts to your will. The process can be long and arduous, depending on your luck and skill. Still, it’s worth the effort, since you basically get a running, living turret out of it. So, let’s see how to tame and where to find Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur.

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how to tame andrewsarchus ark fjordur
How to Tame Andrewsarchus Ark Fjordur

How to Tame Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur

To tame the Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur, you first have to get at least a couple of units of Giant Bee Honey. As their dossier states, these creatures have a sweet tooth, which you can appeal to with honey. Once you have the food, place it into your hotbar and, when you get close to an Andrewsarchus, throw the honey on the ground. The animal will immediately focus on it, allowing you to jump onto its back. At this point, you’ll have to play a mini-game to complete the taming process.

The trick is to pay close attention to the two bars. One of them shows you how far you’ve come in the taming process, while the other, the red one, indicates the beast’s anger level. If the latter starts peaking, jump off and let it calm down, then repeat the process. Try to do this away from other Andrewsarchuses, as they’ll all swarm the honey if they’re too close.

Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus Spawn Locations

Now that we know how to tame the Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur, time to go through some spawn locations. After all, it’s no good to know how to get the beast for yourself without knowing where they are. So, in the list below, we’ll show you the coordinates where you can find the Ark Fjordur Andrewsarchus.

  • Latitude: 46.78, Longitude: 91.36
  • Latitude: 56.41, Longitude: 31.57
  • Latitude: 60.98, Longitude: 25.40
  • Latitude: 60.80, Longitude: 27.31
  • Latitude: 39.72, Longitude: 82.27
  • Latitude: 57.30, Longitude: 30.15
  • Latitude: 23.80, Longitude: 70.56
  • Latitude: 60.81, Longitude: 27.40
  • Latitude: 15.83, Longitude: 68.22
  • Latitude: 46.68, Longitude: 91.34

So, that’s where to find Andrewsarchus in Ark Fjordur. If you know of other locations, let us know in the comments. Incidentally, when you do manage to tame an Andrewsarchus, you should know that they’re saddle is actually a mobile turret, aka a really big gun. You can se how that could be useful, and incredibly awesome.

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