Tame Monsters Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 is the latest installment in the long-running Rune Factory franchise. The first new Rune Factory game in almost ten years, it was initially released in Japan in 2021. Now, it has finally been released in other parts of the world, and players across the globe will be able to play it. If this is your first RF game, then you might be surprised about the way that taming monsters works there. Well, we will explain how to tame monsters in Rune Factory 5 right here.

Tame Monsters Rune Factory 5

How to Tame Monsters in Rune Factory 5

Monsters make up the backbone of Rune Factory 5’s gameplay. When you tame them, you will then be able to use your tamed critters to attack other beasties in the game to level them up. Of course, for this to be possible you need to tame them first. To be able to do this, you will have to build a specific building first – the Monster Barn. You will get the option of doing this once you finish the Whispering Woods and receive the Earth Dragon. Once you have achieved that, Ryker is going to post a task on the board. This task is titled “Build a Monster Barn.” He will even give you all the materials that you will need for this: x30 lumber and x50 stone. Once you build this, you will then have the ability to tame the monsters you encounter.

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After this, the next step in successfully taming monsters in RF5 is to present them with the right item. Just like the townsfolk in the game, every monster has its own gift preferences. As such, they can react to a gift in one of two ways. When you attempt to give them a present, a monster will either react with a skull, or a heart. Obviously, a skull is a negative reaction, while a heart is a positive one. You’re looking for a heart, and if you get this from a monster, you will have successfully tamed it.

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