Tarkov Error 213, Error Connecting to Auth Server ( Patch)

If you are getting Escape from Tarkov Error 213, you are probably wondering what that’s all about. For all intents and purposes, Tarkov is basically an always-online game. Sure, you can play offline, but that’s not what this game is all about. Unfortunately, a constant internet connection also means that you are bound to experience some issues from time to time. In this guide, we explain what the Tarkov Error Connecting to Auth Server issue is and explore possible ways to fix this problem after the Tarkov

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Tarkov Error 213, Error Connecting to Auth Server
Escape from Tarkov Error 213

February 26th Update: Following the release of the Escape from Tarkov update, players have been reporting various issues with Tarkov Error 213. The EFT Error Connecting to Auth Server issue has to do with the ongoing maintenance. The developers state that maintenance will last for at least three hours. We will update the article once we have more information.

Escape from Tarkov Error 213, Error Connecting to Auth Server

Error 213 in Escape from Tarkov is probably one of the more common issues in this popular tactical shooter. Players have been reporting this error as early as 2019, based on our research. Hence, by all accounts, it’s not something you can simply “fix”. Namely, in most cases, this error has nothing to do with you. Most likely, everything is just fine on your side. Your game client is probably working just fine, your Internet connection is fast and steady, and your account is not hacked. So, what’s the issue then? Well, as the message clearly states, the game has problems connecting to the auth server.

That’s the server which confirms information about your account. A network access requestor must verify its identity through an authentication server, which is a software program that handles this process. If your game client is unable to connect to that server, you will not be able to log into your account. And in the vast majority of cases, this means that there is currently an issue with Tarkov servers. Either there is an outage, or the servers were taken down for maintenance or the upcoming update. Whatever the case, there’s not much you can do. So, the best course of action here is to simply leave the game and give the developers some time to fix the ongoing issue. After an hour or two, check again to see if you still get the “Tarkov Error 213, Error Connecting to Auth Server” issue. If it’s still there, wait a little bit more.

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