Tarkov Light Bulb Farming Locations

Light Bulb is an item in Escape From Tarkov. It’s just a regular bulb, but you’ll need quite a few of them for the level 2 illumination upgrade for your hideout. Since they’re relatively scarce, the flea market prices tend to be unreasonably high. If you can’t afford to pay a small fortune to buy the required bulbs, you’ll be happy to hear that this guide is going to show you Escape From Tarkov light bulb farming locations.

tarkov light bulb farming locations interchange mall
Tarkov Light Bulb Farming Locations

Where to find light bulbs in Tarkov?

You can get a nice stash of light bulbs on the Interchange map. Spawn as a scav and head into the Ultra shopping mall. Climb the stairs at the main entrance, then go all the way to the end of the corridor. Check the German store, then turn right, then make another right in the small square with the Rasmussen store, but only after checking its shelves for bulbs. Follow the path until you hit a wall. Then head left. At the end of the path, you’ll see a Tehno Spektra shop on the left. Scour the shelves inside – light bulbs can spawn there.

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Afterwards, climb the escalator next to the store and you’ll end up in front of another electric shop – TechLight. Again, make sure you inspect all the shelves and containers.

Another good spot is the Oli department store. There’s a section dedicated to electrics there, and it’s much easier to reach than the Ultra shopping mall. Plus, it’s not that popular. Once you enter through the main entrance, head up the stairs, and go towards the far right corner of the store. When you see an orange forklift, look in the section behind it.

Also, make sure to check any and all filing cabinets you find, regardless of map. They always have a chance of spawning a light bulb. You probably won’t manage to get the entire amount you need for the illumination upgrade in one go, as the competition is pretty fierce, but now you know where to look. Whenever you visit, you’re guaranteed to grab at least a few bulbs, provided you manage to get there fast enough.

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