Taylor Swift Google Puzzle, Hidden Treasure Hunt Solution

In our Taylor Swift Google Puzzle, Hidden Treasure Hunt Solution guide, we are going to show you how to unlock the hidden Taylor Swift treasure hunt in Most Searched Playground and where to find all ten objects that make up the treasure hunt. These are way more difficult to find than the regular twenty-five. You’ll get no clues, and the items are much smaller. But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. Let’s begin!

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taylor swift google puzzle hidden treasure hunt solution
Taylor Swift Google Puzzle, Hidden Treasure Hunt Solution

How to Unlock Taylor Swift Hidden Treasure Hunt in Most Searched Playground

In order to unlock the Taylor Swift hidden treasure hunt in the Most Searched Playground Google puzzle, the first step is to open the game itself. Simple enough, just click this link. Now, you’d think that you first have to solve the main part of the game, which is finding the twenty-five most searched people or things. But that’s actually not true. You can start playing the Taylor Swift hidden treasure hunt right from the get-go. All you have to do is click on one of the items. This is the tricky part, because there are zero clues as to which these are. You have to be a really devoted Swifty to figure these out. Which I am not, so I hope you appreciate the effort!

Taylor Swift Google Puzzle Solution

There are ten objects you have to find in order to solve the Taylor Swift hidden treasure hunt in the Most Searched Playground Google puzzle, all of which are a reference to one of the albums. After you find all ten, you’ll get a letter and the option to share what you found out and work with other Swifties to solve the bigger puzzle. Which, again, I’m not. So I’ll just give you the list below and tell you that I got an “S.” Good luck.

  • Speak Now – Hand with the number 13 held by a fan to the right of Taylor
  • Folklore – Disco ball in the sea shell, below Spider-Man
  • Evermore – Champagne glasses in the bar up and to the left of Ariel
  • Fearless – Couple doing the hand heart at the bottom of the giant pancake stack
  • Debut – Cowboy boots in the clothing store to the right of Leonardo da Vinci
  • 1989 – Seagull to the right of the giant red hot balloon.
  • Red – Heart sunglasses worn by the girl sitting on the bench above the bob haircut
  • Reputation – Snake in the park right above the particle collider (the big science doughnut)
  • Midnights – Clock showing midnight to the left of the aquarium where you found the disco ball
  • Lover – Plush heart with an arrow through it right above Naruto
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