TFT Set 10 Tier List

Set 10, called Remix Rumble, has arrived to Teamfight Tactics. The name is very fitting, as this update has remixed a lot of the systems and mechanics in the game. This includes altering the way that portals, augments, and leveling works. All of this means that you now have to adjust your strategy and that many of the strategies that you relied on no longer work. This also applies to characters – now called Headliners. Which begs the question, which Headliners are the best now in TFT Set 10? We are going to rank all of them right here in our TFT Set 10 Tier List.

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TFT Set 10 Tier List
TFT Set 10 Tier List

TFT Set 10 Tier List of Best Characters

As you know, there are several dozen available Champions in TFT. All of them come with their own strenghts and weaknesses. This has been changed around for Remix Rumble, which requires that we re-examine the rankings now. Though, we need to point out that, as Remix Rumble is very new, there are bound to be shake ups to how this list looks like as we’ve had more time to play around with all of the Headliners here. So odds are good that we are going to revisit this Tier List in the near future. And now, let’s finally see the TFT Set 10 Tier List itself, beginning with the best Headliners in S Tier, and working our way down to the least powerful ones in B Tier:

  • S Tier: Akali K/DA, Kayn, Qiyana, Illaoi, Ziggs, Bard, Jhin, Akali True-DMG, Annie, Lucian, Karthus, Gnar, Mordekaiser, Samira, Lux, Thresh, Olaf, Caitlyn, Ezreal, Nami, Amumu, Yorick, Senna, and Sett.
  • A Tier: Evelynn, Twisted Fate, Zac, Katarina, Sona, Miss Fortune, Pantheon, Yasuo, Neeko, Viego, Poppy, Blitzcrank, Zed, Jinx, Kai’Sa, Yone, Urgot, Aphelios, Riven, and Kayle.
  • B Tier: Seraphine, K’Sante, Corki, Lillia, Ahri, Gragas, Taric, Vex, Tahm Kench, Kennen, Garen, Vi, Ekko, Twitch, Lulu, and Jax.
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