The Crew Motorfest Vehicle List, All Cars At Launch

If you are looking for the complete list of vehicles in The Crew Motorfest, look no further. The next entry in the popular Ubisfot’s racing game has arrived. And, at launch, it boasts an impressive variety of all kinds of vehicles. Below, you will find the full list of cars, bikes, planes, and everything else available in The Crew Motorfest at launch.

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The Crew Motorfest Vehicle List, All Cars At Launch
The Crew Motorfest Vehicle List, All Cars At Launch

The Crew Motorfest Full Vehicle List

Five years after the release of The Crew 2, the third sequel in the popular racing series is finally here. The Crew Motorfest features next-gen visuals paired with an awe-inspiring list of cars available on Day 1. The list boasts over 50 different manufacturers and over 600 vehicles across more than 15 categories. Hence, without further ado, check out the complete list of all vehicles in The Crew Motorfest at launch:

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The Crew Motorfest Full Car List

AcuraNSX 2017 (U.S. Spec)2017D1
Aston MartinV8 Vantage S2012D1
Aston MartinV12 Vantage Zagato2012D1
Aston MartinVanquish2012D1
AudiRS 5 Coupé2018D1
AudiRS5 2018 USST Official Edition2018D1
AudiR8 Spyder2021D1
AudiR8 V10 Plus Coupé2016D1
AudiTT RS Coupé 20172017D1
BentleyContinental Supersports 20102010D1
BentleyMulliner Bacalar2020D1
BMWi8 Roadster (I15)2018D1
BMWi8 Roadster (I15) Stellar Edition2018D1
BMWM2 (F87)2017D1
BMWM4 (F82)2014D1
BMWM4 Compétition Coupé (G82)2021D1
BMWM4 Compétition Coupé (G82) Liberty Walk Edition2021D1
BMWM5 (F10)2011D1
BMWM8 (F92) No Rules Edition2019D1
BMWM8 (F92) Performance Edition2019D1
BMWM8 Competition Coupe (F92)2019D1
BMWM8 Competition Coupe (F92) Interception Unit2019D1
BMWX6M (E71)2010D1
BMWZ4 M40i (G29)2019D1
BMWZ4 M40i (G29) Agent Edition2019D1
BMWZ4 M40i (G29) Motorfest Edition2019D1
BMWZ4 sDrive35is 20112011D1
BugattiType 57 SC Atlantic1936D1
CadillacCyclone XP-74 Concept1959D1
CadillacDeville (Coupé)1949D1
CadillacDeville (Coupé) Marco’s Cab1949D1
CadillacEldorado Brougham 19571957D1
Chevrolet3100 The Rocket Co.1951D1
ChevroletCamaro RS 19691969D1
ChevroletCamaro SS 20102010D1
ChevroletCamaro SS Bend Edition2010D1
ChevroletCamaro Z/28 RS 19711971D1
ChevroletCamaro ZL1 20172017D1
ChevroletCamaro ZL1 2017 Rift Edition2017D1
ChevroletChevelle SS 19701970D1
ChevroletCorvette C21963D1
ChevroletCorvette C2 2.0 Edition1963D1
ChevroletCorvette C31968D1
ChevroletCorvette C8 Stingray 20202020D1
ChevroletCorvette C8 Stingray 2020 Donut Edition2020D1
ChevroletCorvette C8 Stingray 2020 Interception Unit2020D1
ChevroletCorvette Grand Sport1963D1
ChevroletCorvette Grand Sport Armored Edition1963D1
ChevroletCorvette Stingray2014D1
ChevroletCorvette ZR12009D1
ChevroletImpala Sport Sedan1967D1
ChevroletImpala Sport Sedan Naranja Edicion1967D1
ChevroletImpala Sport Sedan Red Duchess Edition1967D1
ChevroletSilverado 15002010D1
Chrysler300C SRT82013D1
Chrysler300 SRT8 Crown Edition2013D1
Chrysler300C SRT8 Limousine2013D1
DeLoreanDMC-12 RAD Edition1981D1
DodgeChallenger R/T1970D1
DodgeChallenger R/T Riff Edition1970D1
DodgeChallenger SRT Demon2018D1
DodgeChallenger SRT Demon Interception Unit2018D1
DodgeChallenger SRT Demon Awaken Edition2018D1
DodgeChallenger SRT Hellcat2017D1
DodgeChallenger SRT-8 3922012D1
DodgeCharger R/T Hemi1969D1
DodgeCharger R/T Hemi Masked Edition1969D1
DodgeCharger SRT-82012D1
DodgeCharger SRT-8 Lab Edition2012D1
DodgeCharger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody2023D1
DodgeSRT Viper GTS2013D1
DodgeSRT Viper GTS Lightning Edition2013D1
DodgeViper SRT-10 Coupe2010D1
Ferrari308 GTS1977Season 1
FordCrown Victoria2008D1
FordCrown Victoria Interception Unit2008D1
FordCrown Victoria Limousine2008D1
FordCrown Victoria Marco’s Cab2008D1
FordF-150 SVT Raptor2010D1
FordFocus RS2010D1
FordFocus RS2016D1
FordMustang Boss 4291969D1
FordMustang GT2011D1
FordMustang GT Convertible2024D1
FordMustang GT Convertible Motorfest Edition2024D1
FordMustang GT Fastback2015D1
FordMustang GT Fastback Stunt Edition2015D1
FordMustang Shelby GT5002020D1
FordMustang Shelby GT500 Interception Unit2020D1
FordMustang Shelby GT500 Road Force One2020D1
FordMustang Shelby GT500 Tribute Edition2020D1
FordShelby GT5002013D1
Forsberg RacingGold Leader Z (Nissan)1975D1
Forsberg RacingNissan 370Z Dominion Edition2022D1
HondaCivic Type R2016D1
HondaCivic Type R2021D1
HondaCivic Type R Keola Rapozo Edition2021D1
HondaS2000 Ultimate Edition2009D1
HondaS2000 Ultimate Edition Kamea Hadar Edition2009October 25th, 2023
HondaS2000 Ultimate Edition Motorfest Edition2009D1
HondaS2000 Ultimate Edition Red Panther Edition2009D1
HummerH1 Alpha2006D1
InfinitiQ60 Project Black S Concept2018D1
JaguarE-Type Series 1 Coupé1961D1
JaguarE-Type Series 1 Coupé The Champion Edition1961D1
JaguarE-Type Series 1 Roadster1961D1
JaguarE-Type Series 1 Roadster Temptation Edition1961D1
JaguarF-Type SVR Coupe2017D1
JaguarF-Type SVR Coupe Professional Edition2017November 23, 2023
Jeep®Grand Cherokee SRT8®2012D1
Jeep®Wrangler – Pioneer Edition2012D1
KTMX-Bow R2016D1
LamborghiniCountach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole1985D1
LamborghiniDiablo GT1999D1
LamborghiniDiablo GT Pura Potenza Edition1999D1
LamborghiniGallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera2011D1
LamborghiniHuracán LP610-42014D1
LamborghiniMiura SV1971D1
LamborghiniMurciélago LP6402006D1
LotusEvora GTE2012D1
LotusEvora GTE Overcut Edition2012D1
LotusExige S2013D1
MaseratiGranTurismo S2009D1
MazdaMX5 (NA)1989D1
MazdaMX5 (ND)2016D1
MazdaRX3 Supercharged Edition1972D1
MazdaRX7 Shirogane Edition2002D1
MazdaRX7 Turbo 10th Anniversary1988D1
MazdaRX7 Turbo Sakura Edition1988D1
MazdaRX8 Gold Edition2010D1
MazdaRX8 Thunderwave Edition2010D1
MazdaRX8 Pearl Edition (Edition 03)2010D1
Mercedes-AMGC 63 Coupé Black Series2012D1
Mercedes-AMGC 63 S Coupé2016D1
Mercedes-AMGSL 63 (R230)2009D1
Mercedes-AMGSLS (C197)2010D1
Mercedes-Benz300 SLR UHLENHAUT COUPE (W196)1955D1
Mercedes-BenzGLC 250 4MATIC Coupé2016D1
Mercedes-BenzSLR McLaren 722 Edition2007D1
MiniCooper S (R56)2010D1
MiniCooper S Countryman ALL4 (R60)2013D1
Mitsubishi3000GT VR41994D1
Mitsubishi3000GT VR4 Interception Unit1994D1
Mitsubishi3000GT VR4 No Rules Edition1994D1
MitsubishiEclipse GSX1999D1
MitsubishiEclipse GSX Star Edition1999D1
MitsubishiFTO GP Version R1997D1
MitsubishiFTO Version R Nebula Edition1997D1
MitsubishiLancer Evolution VI GSR1999D1
MitsubishiLancer Evolution X2014D1
MitsubishiLancer Evolution X Black Knight Edition2014D1
MitsubishiLancer Evolution X Red Fury Edition2014D1
Nissan240 SX (S14)1998Season 1
Nissan300 ZX (Z32)1994D1
Nissan300 ZX (Z32) Kaido-ou1994D1
Nissan300 ZX (Z32) Malu Edition1994D1
Nissan350Z Roadster2004D1
Nissan370Z (Z34)2013D1
Nissan370Z Nismo (Z34)2016D1
NissanFairlady Z 432 (PS30) 19701970D1
NissanFairlady Z 432 (PS30) Under The Stars Edition1970D1
NissanGT-R (R35)2016D1
NissanGT-R Nismo (R35)2020D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34)2002D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34) High Octane Edition2002D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34) Lucky Dragon Edition2002D1
NissanZ2023Season 1
PlymouthRoad Runner1970D1
PlymouthRoad Runner Freedom Edition1970D1
PlymouthRoad Runner Lowrider1970D1
PontiacFirebird T/A Golden Wing Edition1977D1
PontiacFirebird T/A1977D1
PontiacFirebird T/A1982D1
PontiacGTO The Judge1969D1
Porsche550 Spyder1955D1
Porsche718 Spyder2021D1
Porsche718 Spyder Keola Rapozo Edition2021D1
Porsche911 (901)1964D1
Porsche911 (992) Carrera 4S2020D1
Porsche911 (992) Carrera 4S Timeless Edition2020D1
Porsche911 (993) GT1996D1
Porsche911 GT3 RS2016D1
Porsche911 GT3 RS Splatter Edition2016D1
Porsche911 Speedster2019D1
Porsche911 Speedster Winter Agent Edition2019D1
Porsche911 Turbo1993D1
Porsche928 S41991D1
PorscheCayenne Turbo GT (coupé)2022D1
PorscheCayman GT42016D1
PorscheCayman GT4 Carbon Edition2016D1
PorscheCayman GT4 Wasp Edition2016D1
PorschePanamera Turbo S Sport Turismo2022D1
PorscheTaycan Turbo S2021D1
PROTOHotrod A11930D1
PROTOHotrod A1 Burning Wheels Edition1930D1
PROTOHotrod A1 Clumsy Edition1930D1
PROTOHotrod A1 Marco’s Cab1930D1
RenaultNew Megane R.S.2018D1
SaleenS1 Icebreaker2020D1
ShelbyCobra 4271964D1
SpykerC8 Aileron2008D1
SpykerC8 Aileron All In Edition2008D1
ToyotaGR Supra (J29/DB)2021D1
ToyotaGR Supra (J29/DB) Liberty Walk Edition2021D1
ToyotaSupra (A80)2000D1
ToyotaSupra (A80) Ryūjin Edition2000D1
TVRGriffith 20172017D1
TVRGriffith Peppermint Edition2017D1
VolkswagenBeetle Kahakai Edition1967D1
VolkswagenGolf GTI (A7)2014D1
VolkswagenKombi 21 Window Bus1966D1
VolkswagenKombi 21 Window Bus DAK1NE Edition1966D1
VolkswagenKombi 21 Window Bus Ghost Hunt Edition1966D1
VolkswagenTouareg NF 20112011D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Racing Bikes List

BMW MotorradR1200GS Adventure2014D1
BMW MotorradS1000RR2015D1
DucatiMonster 1200 S2015D1
DucatiPanigale R2015D1
Harley DavidsonStreet Glide Special2017D1
Harley DavidsonIron 8832017D1
HondaCBR1000RR Fireblade SP22018D1
HondaCB1000R 2018 Neo-Sports Café2018D1
Indian MotorcycleChief Dark Horse2015D1
Indian MotorcycleScout 20152015D1
Indian MotorcycleFTR 1200 S2019D1
Indian MotorcycleScout The Cruiser Edition2015D1
KawasakiGPZ 900 R Ninja1984D1
KawasakiNinja H22015D1
KawasakiNinja H2 Light Rider Edition2015D1
KawasakiZ1000 ABS2015D1
KTM450 EXC2015D1
KTM1190 RC8 R2015D1
SuzukiGSX-R 1000R2018D1
YamahaVMAX 17002014D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Hypercars List

BugattiChiron Carbon Edition2017D1
BugattiChiron Interception Unit2017D1
BugattiChiron Super Sport 300+2019D1
BugattiEB110 Super Sport1992D1
BugattiEB110 Super Sport Anodized Edition1992D1
BugattiDivo Magma Edition2019D1
BugattiDivo Emerald Storm Edition2019D1
BugattiLa Voiture Noire2019D1
BugattiVeyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse2016D1
BugattiVeyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse Deep Blue Edition2016D1
BugattiVeyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse Edition One2016D1
BugattiVeyron Barchetta2015D1
ChevroletCorvette C7 ZR12019D1
ChevroletCorvette C7 ZR1 Convertible2019D1
ChevroletCorvette C7 ZR1 Convertible Long Range Edition2019D1
ChevroletCorvette C7 ZR1 Gold Nugget Edition2019D1
CreatorsK.S. Masked Leader2020D1
Ferrari458 Speciale2014D1
Ferrari488 Pista2018D1
Ferrari812 Superfast2017D1
FerrariEnzo Ferrari2002D1
FerrariSF90 Stradale2020Season 1
FordGT Interception Unit2017D1
JaguarC-X75 Concept2013D1
JaguarC-X75 Concept Lunar Year Edition2013D1
KoenigseggAgera R2012D1
KoenigseggGemera Outclassed Edition2020D1
KTMX-Bow GTX2020D1
LamborghiniAventador LP 700-42012D1
LamborghiniCountach LPI 800-42021D1
LamborghiniHuracan Performante2018D1
LamborghiniSián Roadster2020D1
LamborghiniTerzo Millennio2017D1
LamborghiniVeneno coupé (2013)2013D1
LamborghiniVeneno coupé (2013) Interception Unit2013D1
LotusEvija Pure Edition2022D1
McLaren720S Spider2019D1
McLaren720S Spider Blast Edition2019D1
McLarenP1 Gold Line Edition2013D1
Mercedes-BenzVision EQ Silver Arrow2018D1
NissanR390 GT1 Road Version1998D1
PaganiHuayra Rubicone Edizione2012D1
PaganiZonda F2005D1
PaganiZonda F Primary Edition2005D1
Porsche911 GT1 Straβenversion (993)1996D1
Porsche918 Spyder2015D1
Porsche918 Spyder Silvery Edition2015D1
PorscheCarrera GT2003D1
PorscheCarrera GT Green Flash Edition2003D1
PROTO (unlicensed)Lucky-One2022D1
SaleenS7 Twin-Turbo2005D1
SaleenS7 Twin-Turbo Glacier Edition2005D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Drift Cars List

AcuraNSX 2017 (U.S. Spec)2017D1
BMWM5 (F10)2011D1
BMWZ4 sDrive35is (E89)2011D1
ChevroletCamaro SS2010D1
ChevroletCorvette Stingray2014D1
CreatorsDe Lorean DMC-12 Outadrift1981D1
DodgeChallenger SRT-8 3922012D1
DodgeCharger R/T Hemi1969D1
DodgeSRT Viper GTS2013D1
Ferrari458 Speciale2014D1
FordCrown Victoria Limousine2008D1
FordFocus RS2010D1
FordMustang GT2011D1
FordMustang GT Fastback2015D1
Forsberg RacingNissan 350Z Roadster2009D1
Forsberg RacingNissan 370Z PRO DRIFT2021D1
KoenigseggAgera R2012D1
LamborghiniAventador LP 700-42012D1
LamborghiniMurciélago LP6402006D1
MazdaRX7 20022002D1
MitsubishiLancer Evolution X Drift Edition2014D1
Nissan370Z (Z34)2013D1
Nissan370Z Nismo (Z34)2016D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34)2002D1
RUF3400 K2007D1
RUFCTR 32007D1
ToyotaGR Supra (J29/DB) Drift Edition2021D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Drag Cars List

ChevroletCamaro SS2010D1
ChevroletCorvette Stingray2014D1
DodgeChallenger SRT-8 3922012D1
DodgeSRT Viper GTS 20132013D1
FordFocus RS2010D1
FordMustang GT2011D1
Nissan370Z (Z34)2013D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34)2002D1
PROTONSX 2017 (U.S. Spec)1930D1
RUF3400 K2007D1
RUFCTR 32007D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Racing Cars List

AcuraNSX GT3 (U.S. Spec)2017D1
Aston MartinVulcan2016D1
Aston MartinVulcan The Duke2016D1
AudiRS 3 LMS2017D1
BentleyContinental Supersports2010D1
BMWM Performance M4 Racing2014D1
BMWM6 GT3 (F13)2016D1
BMWZ4 GT3 (E89)2011D1
CadillacEscalade 20122012D1
ChevroletCamaro RS1969D1
ChevroletCamaro SS2010D1
ChevroletCamping World Truck Series Chevrolet Silverado2009D1
ChevroletCorvette C31968D1
ChevroletCorvette C3 F1R3 Ed.1968D1
ChevroletCorvette C6R2005D1
ChevroletCorvette C8.R (Race Car)2020D1
ChevroletImpala Sport Sedan1967D1
DodgeChallenger SRT-8 3922012D1
DodgeCharger R/T Hemi1969D1
DodgeCharger SRT-82012D1
DodgeViper Competition Coupe2003D1
Ferrari365 GTB/4 Competizione (Daytona)1971D1
Ferrari458 Italia GT22011D1
Ferrari488 GT32016D1
Ferrari599XX Evo2011D1
FerrariF40 LM1989D1
FerrariFXX K2014D1
FordF-150 SVT Raptor2010D1
FordFocus RS2010D1
FordGT Le Mans Race Car2017D1
FordGT [Le Mans Race Car] – Airfoil Edition2017September 27th, 2023
FordMustang GT2011D1
Forsberg RacingNissan GT-R Nismo GT32020D1
KTMX-Bow GT22020D1
KTMX-Bow GT42016D1
KTMX-Bow GT4 Raw Edition2016D1
LamborghiniEssenza SCV122020D1
LamborghiniGallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo2013D1
LamborghiniHuracan LP620-2 Super Trofeo2015D1
LamborghiniMurciélago RGT2003D1
MaseratiGranTurismo S2009D1
MaseratiMC12 versione Corse2006D1
MazdaMX5 (ND)2016D1
McLaren12C GT32014D1
McLarenSenna GTR2020D1
Mercedes-AMGC 63 Touring Car (C-Coupé DTM)2016D1
Mercedes-AMGC-Coupé Touring Car (DTM)2012D1
Mercedes-AMGSL 63 (R230)2009D1
Mercedes-AMGSLS GT32011D1
Mercedes-Benz300 SLR UHLENHAUT COUPE (W196)1955D1
Mercedes-BenzSLR McLaren 722 GT2007D1
MiniCooper S (R56)2010D1
MiniCooper S (R56) Checkered Edition2010D1
Nissan370Z (Z34) Racing2013D1
NissanGT-R Nismo GT32018D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34) Racing2002D1
PaganiZonda R2008D1
Porsche911 Carrera RSR Turbo1974D1
Porsche911 Carrera RSR Turbo Pulse Performance Ed.1974D1
Porsche911 GT3 Cup2017D1
Porsche917K 19701970D1
Porsche935 2.0 Coupé Baby1977D1
Porsche935 2.0 Coupé Baby Old-Timer Edition1977D1
PROTOHotrod A11930D1
SaleenS1 GT4 Cup2020D1
SpykerC8 LaViolette GT2-R2008D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Racing Bikes List

BMW MotorradS1000RR2015D1
DucatiPanigale R 20152015D1
KawasakiGPZ 900 R Ninja1984D1
KawasakiNinja H22015D1
KawasakiZ1000 ABS2015D1
KTM1190 RC8 R Track2015D1
KTM1190 RC8 R Track 2015 Power Track Edition2015D1
KTMRC16 – Red Bull Team2022D1
KTMRC16 – Tech 3 Team2022D1
SuzukiGSX-RR 2016 – Team Suzuki Ecstar2016D1
YamahaYZR-M1 20162016D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Rally List

AudiS1 EKS RX quattro2017D1
CadillacEscalade Enforcer Edition2012D1
ChevroletCamaro RS1969D1
ChevroletCamaro SS2010D1
ChevroletCamaro Z/28 RS Enforcer Edition1971D1
CitroënC3 Racing 20172017D1
CreatorsTkachenko Ice Hunter2021D1
DodgeChallenger SRT-8 3922012D1
DodgeCharger R/T Hemi1969D1
DodgeCharger SRT-82012D1
FordFocus RS2010D1
FordFocus RSRX2016D1
FordFocus RSRX Glow Motorsport Ed.2016D1
FordMustang GT2011D1
Forsberg RacingNissan 370Z East African Safari Z2020D1
LotusExige S2013D1
MiniCooper S (R56)2010D1
MiniCooper S Countryman ALL4 (R60)2013D1
MitsubishiLancer WRC052005D1
Nissan370Z (Z34)2013D1
NissanFairlady Z 432 (PS30)1970D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34)2002D1
Porsche911 GT3 RS RD Limited Edition2016D1
ShelbyGT500 Americar Edition1967D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Rally Raid Cars List

BMWZ4 sDrive35is (E89)2011D1
ChevroletCamaro RS 19691969D1
ChevroletCamaro SS 20102010D1
ChevroletSilverado 1500 2010 Rally Raid Evo12010D1
ChevroletSilverado 1500 2010 Rally Raid Evo22010D1
ChevroletSilverado 1500 Intrepid Outdoors2010D1
CreatorsHunter 512021D1
DodgeChallenger SRT-8 3922012D1
FordBronco Hawaii Scenic Tour Ed.2021D1
FordF-150 Raptor Race Truck 20172017D1
FordF-150 Raptor Race Truck – Ghost Recon Edition2017D1
FordF-150 SVT Raptor2010D1
FordF-150 SVT Raptor 2010 Enforcer Edition2010D1
FordF-150 SVT Raptor 2010 from Outer Space2010D1
FordFocus RS2010D1
FordMustang GT2011D1
GMCHummer EV2022D1
HummerH1 Alpha Rally Raid Evo12006D1
HummerH1 Alpha Rally Raid Evo22006D1
HummerH1 Alpha US Wildlife Watchers2006D1
HummerHX Concept2008D1
HummerHX Concept Enforcer Edition2008D1
IVORY-TOWERFalcon IVT-R10002023D1
Jeep®Grand Cherokee SRT8® 20122012D1
Jeep®MOAB Quicksand Concept2017D1
Jeep®Wrangler – Rally Raid Evo12012D1
Jeep®Wrangler – Rally Raid Evo22012D1
Jeep®Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 3922021D1
Land RoverDefender 90 Works V8 – Edition 022018D1
Land RoverDefender 90 Works V8 70th Edition2018D1
Land RoverDefender 90 Works V8 Intrepid Outdoors2018D1
MazdaMX5 MIATA NA1989D1
MazdaMX5 MIATA NA Spearhog Ed.1989D1
MiniCountryman ALL4 Racing2013D1
Nissan370Z (Z34)2013D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34)2002D1
Peugeot3008 DKR Maxi2018D1
PontiacGTO The Judge1969D1
PontiacGTO The Judge Sparrow Competition Ed.1969D1
Porsche959 Raid1985D1
PROTOBuggy A12017D1
Ram1500 Rebel TRX Concept2017D1
Ram1500 Rebel TRX Concept Enforcer Edition2017D1
RUF3400 K2007D1
VolkswagenBeetle Hoodlum Racing Crew Ed.1967D1
VolkswagenID Buggy2019D1
VolkswagenRace Touareg 32011D1

The Crew Motorfest Full Rally Raid Bikes List

BMW MotorradR1200GS Adventure2014D1
DucatiMonster 1200 S2015D1
KTM450 Rally2015D1

The Crew Motorfest Motocross List

KTM450 EXC2015D1
KTM450 EXC Nighthawk Edition2015D1
KTM450 EXC Redbull2015D1
SuzukiRM-Z 4502016D1

The Crew Motorfest Alpha GP List

CreatorsConcept Spruemeister SM712023D1
CreatorsYasiddesign X American Petrol2021D1
KTMX-Bow R (Edition Two)2016D1
KTMX-Bow R Spear Racing Ed.2016D1
PROTOAlpha Mark X2020D1
PROTOConcept Glow Motorsport2023D1
PROTOConcept Pulse Performance2023D1
PROTOConcept Sparrow Competition2023D1
PROTOConcept Spear Racing2023D1
PROTOMark II2018D1
Red BullRB132017D1
Red BullRB142018D1
Red BullRB14 Disruption Edition2018D1
Red BullRB182022D1

The Crew Motorfest Planes List

BeechcraftModel 17 Staggerwing1945D1
Extra Aerobatic PlanesExtra 330 SC2009D1
Granville Brothers AircraftGee Bee R-11934D1
GrummanF8F Bearcat1945D1
Harmon RocketHarmon Rocket III2018D1
North AmericanP-51 Mustang1945D1
Northrop GrummanF4U Corsair1942D1
Slick AircraftSlick 360 HP2017D1
SupermarineSpitfire Mk IX1942D1
WACO AircraftYMF-5D Super2018D1
ZivkoEdge 540 V32016D1

The Crew Motorfest Powerboats List

Frauscher1414 Demon2016D1
Ice MarineBladerunner 352017D1
LamborghiniTecnomar for Lamborghini 632021D1
PROTOOffshore MK12017D1
PROTOOffshore MK22018D1
PROTOWater Rocket (ex-F1 Boat)2017D1
Vector PowerboatsV40R2018D1

The Crew Motorfest Demolition List

DodgeCharger R/T Hemi1969D1
FENDERDemolition Derby 1 Firenze1978D1
FENDERDemolition Derby 2 Rattlesnake1971D1
FENDERDemolition Derby 3 Frontiera1956D1
FENDERDemolition Derby 4 Vero1984D1
FENDERDemolition Derby 5 Bulk1975D1
FENDEREdition One Demolition Derby2022D1

The Crew Motorfest Monster Truck List

ChevroletCamaro SS2010D1
ChevroletSilverado 15002010D1
DeLoreanDMC-12 Monster truck Edition1981D1
DodgeChallenger SRT-8 3922012D1
FordF-150 SVT Raptor2010D1
FordMustang GT2011D1
HummerH1 Alpha2006D1
Jeep®Grand Cherokee SRT8® 20122012D1
Nissan370Z (Z34)2013D1
NissanSkyline GT-R (R34)2002D1
PROTOHotrod A11930D1
PROTOHotrod A1 Royale Edition1930D1
VolkswagenKombi High School Edition1966D1
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