The Finals Daily Contracts Not Working, Not Tracking Progress

If you are experiencing the bug where Daily Contracts are not tracking progress in The Finals, you are not alone. The highly destructive and extremely fun FPS has been dominating the gaming world this weekend, with hundreds of thousands of players playing the game across Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox. And while the game is a rather polished experience, even in this open beta phase, there are still quite a few bugs which need fixing. For example, The Finals Daily Contracts not counting progress bug is a rather annoying glitch. Why is this happening, and can it be fixed? Here’s what we know about it.

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The Finals Daily Contracts Not Working, Not Tracking Progress
The Finals Daily Contracts Not Working, Not Tracking Progress (Image Credit: u/GusMix via Reddit)

The Finals Daily Contracts Not Registering, Not Tracking Progress

Just like many other modern multiplayer-focused shooters, The Finals is a free-to-play game with in-game purchases as a model of monetization. Hence, you can expect to see all the usual elements of F2P games, which have a role in player retention. Of course, one of the core tricks developers use to “force” their players to play regularly on a daily basis is daily quests. Naturally, there’s a similar system in The Finals. Here, they are called Contracts and can be daily, weekly, and seasonal.

Unfortunately, it seems that contracts are quite bugged as well. Many players report that Daily Contracts are not registering progress. Particularly, it seems that “Bank It Entrant” daily is not working all all. “The quest to complete two rounds in Bank It refuses to update,” says Reddit user Delta_9098. “Yesterday it did the same thing but counted everything as complete anyway, today not so much.”

And he is just one of many players with a similar issue. “My Bank It, Steal Cash Out, Break Ladder, and Ppen Vault daily challenges are all bugged and never completed. So I’ve been forever stuck at only 2/6 daily challenges completed,” says Reddit user NimblePasta. Regrettably, there is currently no solution for this issue. Some players claim that it is only a visual bug. The game counts progress, but it doesn’t show it visually. If we stumble upon any working solution, we will make sure to update the article. Hopefully, the developers will fix the issue in the meantime.

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