The Finals Servers Down? The Finals Server Status & Maintenance

Are The Finals beta servers down currently? The cross-play open beta for one of the most intriguing PvP shooters of this year has just kicked off, and already hundreds of thousands of players are playing the game across PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. And while fans absolutely love the game, there are some technical issues. Given that this is still a beta test, and that The Finals is an always-online game, connection issues are bound to happen. In this guide, we will regularly inform you about the latest The Finals server status, current outages, the maintenance schedule, downtime, and other server issues.

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The Finals Beta Down? The Finals Server Status Check
The Finals Beta Down? The Finals Server Status Check

UPDATE: It seems that The Finals servers are currently down. Players are reporting various issues with connection on Wednesday, November 1st, around 4 pm CET / 3 pm GMT / 11 am ET / 8 am PT. The developers are yet to respond to current issues. We will make sure to update the article as soon as we have more details.

Are The Finals Beta Servers Down Currently?

On Friday, October 27th, The Finals beta servers are experiencing major issues. Players report not being able to log into the game. In addition, many players are experiencing massive lag or random stutters. Finally, many beta testers also report issues with being kicked out of games. This is all currently happening for a simple reason. The developers want to stress-test the servers during the open beta. And given the absolutely tremendous number of players, the servers are expected to start to show cracks. Namely, currently just on Steam, there are over 100,000 players. And then there are also Xbox and PlayStation players. Hence, there’s server instability. The Finals server status is currently rather unstable, and it will probably continue to be unstable during prime times over the weekend. Hopefully, the developers will find a solution and stabilize the servers in the meantime.

How to Check The Finals Server Status

The best and the fastest way to check The Finals server status is via the game’s official Twitter account. That’s where the developers will regularly inform the community about the current issues, update and other game-related news. In addition, you can also follow Embark Studios‘ Twitter account. Finally, you can always come back here. Make sure to bookmark this page as we will regularly and timely update this article with the ongoing issues with The Finals servers.

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