The Last of Us Part I 100% CPU Usage Fix

If you don’t understand why is The Last of Us Part I running at 100% CPU usage, you’re not alone. The legendary post-apocalyptic adventure is now finally available for PC gamers. However, the game’s launch hasn’t been the smoothest experience. This guide explains why your CPU is at 100% when playing The Last of Us Part I on PC.

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The Last of Us Part I 100% CPU Usage Fix
The Last of Us Part I High CPU Usage Fix

Why is The Last of Us Part I Running at 100% CPU Usage on PC

The Last of Us Part I is now live on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Being a remake, the game is very demanding, and you will need to latest hardware in order to run the game properly. However, even players with high-end hardware are reporting various technical issues on the first day of the game’s release on PC. For example, many players can’t play the game properly due to “Not Enough RAM” messages. But what about this crazy high CPU usage when playing The Last of Us Part I on PC?

“My Core I5 ​​10400F is begging for mercy when I open this game, lol, really bad optimization,” says Steam user Punk Comunista. And you can find countless similar complaints on Reddit and Steam with the same issue. So, is there a reason to be worried?

Let’s get your worries eased right now. Luckily, there are no serious issues here or some bad coding that will brick your CPU. To our understanding, this 100% CPU usage will only occur when you first start playing the game. Namely, the reason behind this is not the game itself. Rather, high CPU usage occurs due to shader compilation when you first start the game. Hence, the best course of action here is to allow the game to complete compiling shaders. After the process is completed, many players report that CPU usage will drop to around 40-60%.

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