Today's Disney 100 Quiz Answers Nov 6 on TikTok

Looking for today’s TikTok Disney 100 Quiz answers on Nov 6? Disney and TikTok have announced a first-of-its-kind content hub to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. The hub, called Disney100, will feature videos, music, effects, trivia, and character cards from across Disney’s brands and experiences. Fans will be able to create and share their own videos, as well as watch content from Disney’s official TikTok accounts. The partnership also makes Disney a publishing partner for TikTok’s Pulse Premiere ad program, joining other major publishers like NBCU and BuzzFeed. Here are the correct November 6 Disney 100 TikTok Quiz answers.

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Today's TikTok Disney 100 Quiz Answers Nov 6
Today’s TikTok Disney 100 Quiz Answers Nov 6

Today’s Disney 100 TikTok Quiz Answers November 6

As always, don’t forget that you only have 24 hours to answer these questions and get your points, cards, and rewards. After that, the quiz will change and you won’t be able to access them anymore. The deadline for this quiz is Thursday, November 7th, at 9 am CET / 8 am GMT / 3 am ET / 12 am PT. Thus, this is your last chance to participate in the Disney 100 Quiz on TikTok before it resets. Hence, here are the answers for today’s TikTok Disney 100 Quiz.

1st Question
  • Question: Which sport has Air Bud not played?
  • Correct Answer: Lacrosse (3rd)
2nd Question
  • Question: What kind of store does Joe’s mother run in Soul?
  • Correct Answer: Tailor shop (4th Option)
3rd Question
  • Question: Where did Chris Hemsworth climb to a cable car in Limitless?
  • Correct Answer: Australia (1st Option)
4th Question
  • Question: In Wreck-It Ralph, which arcade game did Vanellope von Schweetz originally come from?
  • Correct Answer: Sugar Rush (3rd option)
5th Question
  • What jewelry gives Black Cat enhanced agility and balance?
  • Correct Answer: Earrings (4th Option)

How to Participate in Disney Quiz

Do you love Disney and TikTok? Then you don’t want to miss the Disney 100 TikTok Quiz, a fun and interactive game where you can collect digital cards of your favorite Disney characters. The game runs from October 16 to November 14, and each week you can get cards from different Disney movies and shows. In the final week, you can also earn special profile frames for TikTok by completing some tasks. Here’s how to join the fun:

  • Firstly, launch the TikTok app on your device.
  • Secondly, tap the magnifying glass icon to access the search function.
  • Enter “Disney 100”.
  • Tap on the official content page that shows up at the top of the screen, above the suggested videos and accounts.
  • On the official Disney 100 page, you will receive your first 3 cards out of the 6 that are available each week.
  • You will also find the quiz with new questions every day on the official Disney 100 TikTok hub.
  • Answer the Quiz to get more cards!
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