Trapped in Ruins Persona 5 Strikers

Trapped in Ruins is one of the requests in Persona 5 Strikers. It’s a side quest you can get from Mona, and it requires you to head into the Okinawa Jail and find a Forgotten Desire there. The only hint you get is that it’s on a shipping container, and you’ll be able to reach it if you use the cargo hooks. When you complete it, you’ll get the Divine Grace skill card. If you’re having trouble finding the Forgotten Desire, our Persona 5 Strikers Trapped in Ruins guide will show you where to look.

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persona 5 strikers trapped in ruins
Trapped in Ruins Persona 5 Strikers

Okinawa Jail Forgotten Desire location

Once you’re inside the Okinawa Jail, head to the Lab: North checkpoint. From there, head into the warehouse to the east. It’s only a few steps away. You’ll see a stack of shipping containers in the middle of the room, and a glowing cube on top of them. That’s the thing you came here for.

The only issue now is getting up there. If you remember the request’s description, there was a line about using cargo hooks. There are at least two of them, moving across the yellow beams on ceiling. Use your scanner to figure out where they are exactly – they can be tough to spot against the background.

Use Phantom Dash to climb the scaffolding, then the cargo hooks. One of them passes over the item box, so you can just hang onto it and wait for it to bring you to the Forgotten Desire. As soon as you pick it up, you’ll be able to open up the menu and turn in the Trapped in Ruins request.

When you do, you’ll get the Divine Grace skill card, which allows you to teach any persona in your roster this specific skill. It’s a useful item to have, since it allows you to give this skill to a persona that otherwise couldn’t learn or inherit it.

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