How to Get Unlimited Soul Shards SSO 2023

If you want to know how to have an unlimited amount of Soul Shards in Star Stable Online, we’ve got you covered! It’s that time of the year again; October is here! Or, should we say – Spooktober! For decades now, popular games have been using the scary part of the year as an opportunity to add horror-themed events to their games. And things are no different in Star Stable Online. In this guide, we will explain how to get unlimited Soul Shards in SSO in the 2023 Halloween event!

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How to Get Unlimited Soul Shards SSO 2023
How to Get Unlimited Soul Shards SSO 2023

How to Get Unlimited Souls Shards in Star Stable Online 2023

The 2023 Halloween event has just kicked off in everyone’s favourite horse-focused MMO, Star Stable Online 2023. And just like for the last five years, one of the main things during the event will be collecting Souls Shards. That is, helping the Lost Souls in their desire to find peace and our determination to help them! Just like in previous years, you will first spot a Soul Shard Vortex (Tornado), and you will need to go to the location where it touches the ground. Next, the standard procedure is to find the ghost, start the quest, and collect 20 shard fragments. This will complete a single Soul Shard. However, there are ways to get Unlimited Souls Shards in SSO!

Firstly, the standard method of getting more shards is by logging in and out of the game. This will respawn the ghosts in-game. And you will be able to repeat the quest of collecting 20 soul fragments for a single should shard. However, this can be a tedious and slow process. In addition, it is not recommendable if you have slow and unstable internet. However, there is a better method! Namely, as explained by Lauren Mountainborn, you can repeat in this way:

  • Take a picture of the exact place where the ghost appears.
  • When you find all 20 Soul Shards, run away from the location.
  • Once far enough, return back to the tornado.
  • The ghost will not be visible, but if you find the exact spawn location, you will be able to start the quest again!
  • A Ques icon will appear above the invisible ghost, and you will be able to replay the quest!
  • Collect 20 Soul Fragments and repeat the process!
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