How to Unlock Costumes Gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom

The question of how to unlock costumes gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom seems to be bothering some players. That’s a bummer, because this system lets you basically buy blind bags and get cool costumes for your cookies. The process to unlock the new, seasonal gacha game is relatively simple, but if you haven’t been paying attention, you can fairly easily miss it with all the visual chaos of the main screen. That’s why we’ve put this guide to hopefully help you out.

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how to unlock costumes gacha in cookie run kingdom
How to Unlock Costumes Gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Unlock Cookie Run Kingdom Costumes Gacha in Halloween Boutique Quest

To unlock the new costumes gacha game in Cookie Run Kingdom, you have to complete the new boutique quest added in the Halloween update. To do that, once you’ve downloaded the update, check the bar on the right of the screen. There, you’ll see a little icon of a box with wings with an exclamation mark. Click on that. You’ll then meet Mont Blanc Cookie, who is apparently a seamstress and wants to set up her boutique in the kingdom. Before that, though, make sure to clear World Exploration Stage 2-13 to gain access to the quest.

Anyway, once Mont Blanc tells you her story, you’ll be taken back to the main screen, and you’ll see what you need to do to complete her quest. You can always check it again by clicking the same icon of the winged box. After you complete Mont Blanc’s quest, collect your rewards. Next, to unlock the costumes gacha in Cookie Run Kingdom, just click on the icon marked gacha in the bottom of the screen (it looks like a brick oven). Then, click Costumes, and just follow the game’s instructions from there.

When you collect your rewards from Mont Blanc, you’ll get introduced to a new currency, aka the Rainbow Cubes. You use these to pay for spins in the gacha games. If you get duplicate costumes, you’ll get Rainbow Crystals instead. They work like Mileage Points, and you can use them to purchase costumes from the Rainbow Crystal Shop. All I can say is, good luck from here on out. The Halloween gacha is just like any other gambling system, so do watch how much money you’re spending, especially if you’re using your parents’ money.

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