Unlock Deadlock Valorant, How to Refund Agents Unlocked Using VP

In our Unlock Deadlock Valorant, How to Refund Agents Unlocked Using VP guide, we are going to cover two topics. First, we will explain how to get access to the new agent, since there are several ways to do so. Then we’ll explain how to get your VP back if you’ve used it by accident, thinking it was Kingdom Credits. Let’s begin!

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unlock deadlock valorant how to refund agents unlocked using vp
Unlock Deadlock Valorant, How to Refund Agents Unlocked Using VP

How to Unlock Deadlock in Valorant

There are two ways to unlock Deadlock in Valorant. Well, three if you count Xbox Game Pass holders. The first method is to outright purchase the new agent with 1000 VP during her recruitment event. We’ll talk more about that in the next section. Method #2 is to farm 200,000 XP to get access to Deadlock. That’s no small order. According to the math done by Reddit user Extra_Wolf_5402, it will take you about thirty-five matches, depending on how well you do. The new progression system gives you 100 XP for every round played and 200 for every round won, plus bonus rewards for the first win of the day and completing daily and weekly tasks.

Now, if you do have an Xbox Game Pass, be sure to link that account to your Riot account. That way, you get instant access to every single agent for free, and on day one. Why not make the most of your subscription?

How to Refund Valorant Agents Unlocked Using VP

To refund any Valorant agent you unlock using VP, including Deadlock, go to this page and follow the steps laid out. We’re adding this section to this guide because there have been several people that have bought Deadlock with VP thinking that it was Kingdom Credits. Now, the page we’ve linked does mention that they don’t refund Agents, and this especially true if you’ve already jumped into a match after making the purchase. You should still try and get your money back, since there’s a good chance that support will be more lenient due to all the changes they’ve been making lately. Good luck!

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