Unlock Nala Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley April 2023 update is here! And it comes filled to the brim with new content. This includes a brand new area to explore – The Lion King Realm! Of course, what is the lion king update without some lions? The DDV spring update also brings two new characters – Simba and Nala! In this guide, we explain how to unlock Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Unlock Nala Disney Dreamlight Valley
How to Start Nala Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Unlock Nala in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As with all other characters in the game, to unlock them, you’ll need to complete a specific set of quests which will add them to your fellowship. And when it comes to Nala and Simba, the very first step here is to unlock their starting location – The Lion King Realm! And just like all other realms, in order to unlock them, you’ll need to invest around 10,000 Dreamlight. Head to the castle to meet with Merlin. Check out your realm doors there, and you’ll see that one of them has thorns above it. If you try to interact with them, Merlin will appear, stating that the majestic African savanna is awaiting you behind the door. For a price of 10,000 Dreamlight, of course.

Once you pay, the thorns will disappear, and you will be able to walk inside. This will trigger the Eyes in the Dark questline for Nala. For starters, you will simply need to explore The Lion King Realm and enjoy the scenery! Easy-peasy! For now, that’s all you need to know about how to start the Nala quest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley April 2023 update. We will not spoil you the rest of the story! However, in case you have any troubles during the quest, we will soon have separate guides on how to solve them. Hence, stay tuned and have fun!

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