V Rising Blood Key, How to Get Legendary Item

In V Rising, you will face some truly terrifying enemies. These are so-called V Blood Carriers – people and creatures whose blood holds the secrets to gaining new abilities, structures you can build, and gear to craft. The Blood Key is a Legendary Item whose recipe you can get by defeating the most powerful boss in the game. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Blood Key Legendary Item in V Rising, as well as where to find the boss that has it.

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V Rising Blood Key, How to Get Legendary Item

How to Get Blood Key V Rising Legendary Item

To be able to acquire this Legendary Item, you will need to do the entire main questchain in the game. This final task involves tracking down and defeating Solarus the Immaculate. He is a Level 80 V Blood Carrier boss. As such, you should only attempt to take him down if you have fully mastered all of your abilities, the game’s systems, and crafted the absolute best gear. And even then, it’s going to be a very, very tough fight, and we advise that you do it with a friend or several members of a clan.

In any case, once you are ready to face him, interact with your Blood Altar. Scroll all the way down to his entry and turn on the “Track Blood” option. This will then lead you to him. He is located in a temple in the eastern part of Silverlight Hills. Once you have defeated him, you will get the Blood Key recipe. To craft it, you will need to have unlocked the Jewelcrafting Table. Since this is V Rising’s Legendary Item, it has crafting requirements that you would expect from such powerful gear. To make it, you will need the following materials: x300 Gem Dust, x21 Dark Silver Ingot, x6 Gold Ingot, and x3 Primal Blood Essence.

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